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surviving motherhood in the “middle ages”

Hello world! September 19, 2007

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Why blog, you ask?

Because I have something to say, of course! It actually started by accident. I was doing a search on the internet about school lunch recipes ( for a recipe called Creole Macaroni that is served as a school lunch) and stumbled upon a couple of blogs about food. Yummy!

Sidetracked by the food and those who talk about food I plugged on, delving into more and more blogs about food, esp. bento lunches. I was sold! Yep, I’m now a bento lunch fanatic. For the past week I’ve spent countless hours on the computer searching for the  cutest most affordable bento lunch supplies. I’ve gone to local stores in search of my bento supply stash. I’m happy to say I found some cute food liners from the dollar store and a mini microwave steamer. I was also able to find a cute food container that has 2 latch type locks on it. ( Maybe I’ll add pics when I’m more experienced with this blog thing.) I can’t wait to get out there to my local Asian stores in search for more stash. I know…there’s stuff on the internet but those prices from Japan seem a bit much for a beginner. I’m looking forward to creating my first bento (probably a snack bento) for my daughter and me.

 Okay, so I’m interested in food and bento lunches. What else you ask? I have a huge passion for scrapbooking. Do you know any mom who doesn’t love to scrapbook, esp. about their families?

Movies…yes, I enjoy a good movie. If I had more time (don’t we all), I’d see more movies, esp. romantic comedies. Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh now and then? Not that I don’t laugh. I do. A lot…esp. when you have children. They never cease to amaze me!

So here goes my 1st attempt at blogging…fear of failure you ask? Of course, what if no one ever reads this? Am I supposed to tell my friends and family about this blog? What is the PC thing to do when starting a blog? Tell others or wait until people stumble upon it? If no one reads it I guess I can use this blog as a “venting tool” or “memory keeper” since I have never been good at keeping an ongoing written journal.

To those out there in blogland who stumble upon my newbie blog…enjoy!


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