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surviving motherhood in the “middle ages”

First Snack Bento…Finally! October 5, 2007

snack bento1 Here’s my very first snack bento in my “cute style” bento container that I purchased for $1.99. It comes with a little divider. It contains fresh fruit (pineapple, honeydew melon, cantalope, apples, and grapes) and multi-grain crackers and organic fig newmans. I decided to put the pineapple and honeydew melon in the little foil food cup to keep the juices intact. I also brought along some string cheese which is not in the photo. I also stashed a little toothpick in the container. Too bad I don’t have those cute little plastic animal picks yet!

snack bento1a

Today was a good day to attempt packing a little bento for my daughter since daddy (Mr. MaD) was off of work. My daughter (whom I shall refer to as Princess) had her gymnastics class this morning and after class we would be doing some errands. The bento container was packed in a little collapsible cooler bag with a small ice pack.

After gymnastics class, Princess ate some of her bento. She enjoyed the grapes, crackers, and esp. the fig newmans. I got in a few bites of the  pineapple, apple, and honeydew melons. I must say it held up well and I can’t wait to try my hand at another bento.

Later, we decided to meet grandma at the toy store since grandma was anxious to  purchase something “big” for Princess’s recent 2nd birthday. Well I don’t know about the rest of you but going to the toy store can be a little stressful… for the parents of course. Princess has the habit of choosing something she likes and holding on to it for a long time. These toy stores always have display toys out so that the children can play with them. (Probably part of the store’s plan to get the children to “convince” the parents that they need more things than what they came for.) So at the first stop in the store Princess decides to pick up a toy train from the display train table and a crayon from the display easel. That was fine since I was busy picking out some Crayola products (triangle crayons and a Color Wonder set) for her. In the meantime, Mr. MaD was loading up the huge easel that we decided to get for Princess from grandma. We also got her some Aquadoodle stamps to add to her Aquadoodle set at home. Apparently she had enough of this area because when we asked her to put away the toy train and the crayon she complied with the 1st request! Hooray, score 1 for the parents!

The next stop was the bike section… no, we did not intend to buy her a bike but we wanted to keep her occupied while grandma and I shopped for an upcoming baby shower gift. Princess loves bicycles and tricycles! She thinks she is big girl so she should be able to ride a big girl bike. Then there are those motorized cars for children! Whew, that was it! One look at those cars and “driving” is where she wanted to be. Mr. MaD said, “no” since he was afraid she would hit her head on the shelf above it. Princess being determined to get into the car,  started with the dreaded protest whining. Then came the protest sit down technique! So there we were…three adults and one whining toddler in the middle of the aisle. Grandma decided to comment on the situation by telling Princess, “Your mother and uncle (meaning me and my brother) never acted like that in the toy store when they were your age.” Hmmm…was that comment for Princess or for me? Okay, I know what your’e thinking. Why didn’t we put her on a time-out? Well, like I said before I haven’t really gotten the discipline thing down yet.  Unfortunately, I still haven’t finished reading the 1-2-3 Magic book either. In the end, we gave in and let her get into that car. Voila, the whining stopped! Hooray, score 10 for Princess and 0 for the parents!

I can hear it now. Princess is sp_____! Hey, don’t blame her. Let’s face it, it’s the parent’s fault. I can take it. I know what I need to do. I just haven’t done it yet. By the way, did I mention that our pediatrician just gave us 2 articles to read about discipline and spoiling your child. Hee, hee, hee! No, he didn’t specifically give it to us. He gives all his patients articles on interest based on the development/age of the child. I must admit that those articles are quite appropriate for us.

After purchasing all of Princess’s goodies (those mentioned above and 2 new Baby Einstein DVDs), we decided to get some lunch. We were all starving. Frankly, I needed a little break after our time at the toy store. Lunch went well and we all enjoyed ourselves. Princess fell asleep on the drive home….a nice quiet ride for mommy and daddy.

 P.S. Good news on the bento front! My brother informed me that he mailed my bento stuff (Lock & Lock bento sets and Zojirushi bento set) so I should be getting it shortly. I’ll post photos when I receive my box of goodies.


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