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“Joining the Ranks” October 10, 2007

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Today I joined the ranks of the “working” mom. Of course, the word “working” is a misnomer since I have always been working, even as a SAHM.  Isn’t is strange when someone asks a SAHM if she has a job? That seems like a silly question!

I’ve read/heard a lot about “Mommy Wars” on the Internet and on TV.  As far as I’m concerned, I can’t seem to understand why there is even a so-called war. Why in the world are women “fighting” with each other about working or staying home? You don’t hear about men judging each other about such things.  I believe that we all do what we have to do to make “life” work for us. We each have our own set of values and priorities to live by. I admire women who choose to work outside of the home. I admire those women who choose to work at home taking care of their households and families. Each decision has it’s own positives and negative. I think we (women) should be supportive of each other and celebrate our choices. The common bond of Motherhood should be embraced rather than used as a dividing rod.

Enough of my soapbox! Today I “started” my part-time job. I am doing a lot of paperwork for this job so I am able to do a lot of it at home. I only have to go in to the office twice a week for a few hours each day. I guess the downside to working at home is that it will be difficult to work when Princess is awake and about. (Especially if you remember my previous post about Princess, the computer, and the 1st time out.) Right now I’ve decided that my work time will probably be during her naps or during the evening after she goes to bed. I’m also a little bummed that I’ll have less time to spend reading blogs and blogging. C’est la vie!