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Half-Awake Lunch Date October 12, 2007

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Today I met my girlfriend and her 13-month old son for lunch. She was gracious enough to invite me for lunch for my recent birthday. (At this age, birthdays just seem like another day in the continuum of middle age.) I knew in advance that this would be a short and somewhat difficult lunch date.  We were scheduled to meet at 11:30am at California Pizza Kitchen. I knew there was a decent kids menu for Princess.

Prior to meeting for lunch, I had to go in to the office to turn in some paperwork for processing. Then we decided to head to the mall early (10:30am) so that Princess could “run” around and play at the toy store. By 11:15am, Princess had enough and wanted to get in her stroller and drink some milk. So we strolled around to kill some time until 11:30. At 11:30, I asked the host at CPK if we could get a seat before my girlfriend arrived. They were actually still pretty empty so we could get a table. I immediately ordered her some fruit punch. She loves juice since she hardly drinks it.  I phoned my girlfriend to let her know we had gotten a seat already. Then the fidgeting started and Princess wanted to walk around. Bad idea…CPK is not big on children walking around their restaurant. I guess that’s understandable. So I decided to order her food while we waited for my girlfried to come. About 15 minutes later, my girlfriend and her son arrived. To make a long story short, Princess barely ate her spaghetti (strange, since spaghetti is one of her favorite foods) and couldn’t stop saying, “All done.” I gulped down a few pieces of my pizza while asking the waitress to pack up Princess’s lunch. My girlfriend comments, “She seems like a picky eater.” So I said, “Actually she eats pretty well, it’s just that sometimes when we go out she doesn’t like to eat.” Then she reminds me of a previous lunch date to a dim sum restaurant. Princess barely ate when we were there. She was fidgety and she threw up all over her chair.  It’s no wonder we don’t get out much for lunch dates! So I attributed this lunch date crunch to Princess’s lack of sleep the night before.

How is it that children know when you have something to do or an appointment to get to? For some strange reason, Princess always seems to sleep poorly (either night sleep or naps) when there is somewhere to go. So last night (actually early this morning), she woke up at 4:00am. She was talking for appproximately 30 minutes. Yes, I was up also listening to the gibberish on the baby monitor. Then we fell asleep until the next “conversation” at 5:30am. Ugh! Another 30 minute monologue for her. Finally at 7:30am Princess decided to really get up for the day. I was only half asleep by then. Since I went to sleep at midnight last night, I only got in 4 straight hours of sleep…whew!

When I was pregnant with Princess, I was given a book called, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, M.D. It really is a good book and helped me deal with Princess’s sleep habits. She was never a really good sleeper but after reading this book and using some of the suggestions she did improve. Recently though, she seems to have a hard time falling asleep at night or at naps. She takes shorter naps and she’s been getting up during the night. Right now, she is still talking in her crib considering I put her down at least 30 minutes ago. One theory could be that I put her down for her nap too late and she is overtired. I just don’t know. I have to reread the book to get a better idea of what’s been going on. I know most of you know that when your child doesn’t sleep well, you don’t either!

So if this post is sounding a little tired and drawn out, it probably is because I’m half-awake! Time for some zzzzzzs!