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Hooray! Lock & Lock Bento Set Sold October 19, 2007

Filed under: bento box,bento lunches,ebay,food,Lock & Lock — middleagedmom @ 9:44 pm

Hooray! The blue Lock & Lock  Bento set that Mr. MaD put on ebay finally sold! This is the first time I sold something on ebay so I didn’t really know how it worked but apparently a lot of people may view the item, then a few people “watch” it, then eventually people bid at the last minute.

It’s kind of exciting how this online auction thing works. I never knew the “inner workings” of it until now. I mean, Mr. MaD has bought things from ebay and we’ve had great experiences with the sellers but we’ve never sold anything.

I guess when I receive the extra Lock & Lock Bento sets from my brother I may consider putting them on ebay. We’ll see what happens…in any case, I’ll keep you all posted!


2 Responses to “Hooray! Lock & Lock Bento Set Sold”

  1. Yvo Says:

    Hiya, if you get more of the blue sets- would love to buy! =) Thanks. Oh, and I thought the blue set was only 350 ml each food container… strange. It’s bigger than the orange one?

  2. middleagedmom Says:

    Hi Yvo,

    Yes, the blue bento set is bigger than the orange one.
    The orange one is good for a child or an adult eating a lite lunch maybe. I should be getting 2 more blue ones shortly. They are in the mail from my brother.
    I’ll post as soon as they arrive. Thanks!

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