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Spam Stinks! October 19, 2007

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I just had to share my frustration with spam (no, not the canned meat)! I’m talking about the spam (aka: junk mail) that invades your email accounts and your blog.

I understand that everyone has this problem so everyone feels my frustration. I actually have a pretty good email program that quarantines most of the junk mail and notifies me when I need to check them. Then it learns from my deletions. WordPress also has a great spam program.

My real frustration lies in the fact that this spam problem is making it difficult for me to send emails to people, esp. people with hotmail accounts.  I’ve been trying to send emails to a bunch of people with hotmail accounts for the last month or so. A few seconds later I get a message saying that my message was rejected as SPAM! Often times, I can’t even respond to a person’s email if they have a hotmail account. I know that this isn’t only happening to me. My cousin (who uses hotmail) says that she can’t get messages from me and her girlfriend (her girlfriend uses yahoo). She said she tried to contact hotmail support and only gets an email that attempts to explain what to do to remedy the problem. Of course she’d like to speak to a real human being, even if that person is in India! Okay, don’t get me started on the whole tech support thing too!

My cousin has a yahoo account so now I have attempted to use that…we’ll see what happens. The only hassel is that the yahoo acccount isn’t her main email account so she has to check multiple email accounts now.

If anyone out there has the same problem with hotmail, please let me know what you did to fix it. It’s really a pain!


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