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Princess’s Birthday Card & The Letter Box October 20, 2007

Here’s a picture of the birthday card that I made for Princess’s 2nd birthday. I wanted to spruce it up with more embellishments but things were a little hectic when I was making it so I settled for simple. My excuse will be that the inside (the message written to Princess by mommy and daddy) is more important than the outside.

Princess’s 2nd Bday card

Last year, rather than make a card for Princess’s first birthday I wrote her a letter and mailed it to her so that it would be postmarked on her birthday.  The letter was then put into her letter box where she will open it when she turns 18. Mr. MaD also wrote her a letter and that was added to her letter box. We got the idea from a book called The Letter Box by Mark and Diane Button.  We were blessed enough to meet them when they spoke at our church. If you have a chance to read it, I guarantee you will be moved.

This year’s card will also include a special message to Princess from mommy and daddy. Since we are late in writing it, the letter won’t have her birthday as a postmark. Nevertheless, I think it will still be special to her. We haven’t decided when we should have her open it. In the book, the authors have written several letters to add to the box and each letter has a specific day/date when it should be opened.

I wish that I had started this earlier…specifically when Princess was born. I would have written her a letter about the pregnancy and her birth. It wouldn’t have her birth day as the postmark though.  Then I would have had her open it when she had her first child. Since I didn’t do it earlier I think I will do it during this pregnancy. I will tell her the story of how she came into our lives…as a miracle of God. I will tell her how she has blessed our lives beyond belief and how God knew her before she was born.

I hope this letter box is a treasure for Princess. I hope it becomes a legacy of love and a tradition for our family. I hope you start a letter box for your children!

P.S. I will also start a box for baby as well!


2 Responses to “Princess’s Birthday Card & The Letter Box”

  1. I just viewed this blog, what a beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing.

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