Confessions of a Middleagedmom

surviving motherhood in the “middle ages”

It’s That Time of Year Again October 24, 2007

Recently I was walking by Starbucks and noticed that their feature drink was something like pumpkin spice latte. Okay, that didn’t intrigue me but it got me thinking about what’s coming soon…gingerbread latte! Yummy! I anxiously wait each year for the day that I can visit Starbucks for one of my most favorite coffee drinks of all time. You see, I’m not a big coffee drinker to begin with but I cannot resist the deliciousness of gingerbread latte. (By the way, I have no affiliation with Starbucks. Too bad I didn’t invest earlier! Ha!)

This gingerbread latte anticipation got me thinking that the holiday season is among us already. Just the other day I noticed that the toy store in the mall was crowded with stacks of toys in the aisles and their shelves were stocked to the ceiling. Probably getting ready for the upcoming after Thanksgiving Day Sale. I also saw other holiday stores opening in the mall like the yearly personalized ornament shop.

It’s the end of October and I am already feeling anxious about the numerous things that need to get done in preparation for the upcoming holidays. The first thing on my list of things to do is to update my Christmas card mailing list. I usually do it after Christmas so that I have everyone’s address updated from their Christmas cards. But during the year, people move or I want to add other people to my list. So now is the time to update that list rather than wait until I have to print out mailing labels. Yes, I use mailing labels. I wish I had the time to hand write addresses on those envelopes but that takes too long and my handwriting gets ugly by the 20th one.

The next thing I need to do is plan what my Christmas cards will look like. Each year I make handmade Christmas cards so I need to think of something for this year. I also need to start thinking about Princess’s outfit for the Christmas picture then decide what the pose will be. The sad thing is that Princess does not like to smile for the camera any more. She had the best picture-taking smile up until about 18 months when she became super aware of the camera. Now, as soon as she hears the camera turn on she comes running toward it. I also have to plan my what my short and sweet “Christmas letter” will say. This so-called letter is only to give a snapshot of what’s been happening in our family.

Another thing that I need to start thinking about is what will I be baking for Christmas. Did I mention that I enjoy baking? Each year I usually bake some goodies to give away, mostly cookies. One year I made pumpkin rolls and last year I made banana bread along with cookies. (I have to give a shout out to Mr. MaD since he is my assistant when it comes to baking in bulk. For Princess’s first birthday party, he had to help me bake 80 mini loaves of banana bread to give away as favors.)

This list of things to do could go on and on but I think my plate is full for now. In the  meantime, I still need to make a boy birthday card for this weekend and a baby shower card for next weekend.  I’m also compiling a list of blessings to post in the next few weeks. It’ll be my “I’m thankful” list for Thanksgiving. Praise God for all His blessings in my life. OH….I also need to start preparing for baby’s arrival in January! Yikes!

P.S. My brother called to let me know that the Lock & Lock Bento sets are in the mail and should be arriving shortly! Yippee! I wish I had more time to experiement with bento but my “part-part-time” job has been more like a full-time job for the past week or so. I’ve even caught a cold!


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