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Children’s Fun Fair October 30, 2007

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This past weekend we took Princess to a neighbordhood schoool’s children’s fun fair. It was geared toward children aged 2-12 years old. It was the first year attending so I was pleasantly surprised at the variety of activities offered. Most of the activities were run by the students of the school with the help of parents and teachers.

Some of the games included Fish Pond, Duck Pond, Tic-Tac-Toe, Ring Toss, Bowling, etc. There were also activities like bead making, face painting, petting zoo, pony rides, giant checkers, tricycle obstacle course, and painting. I know there were many more things going on but we probably missed a bunch of them. Princess’s favorite game was the Duck Pond. For this game, you’re given a fishing net and you have to scoop as many rubber ducks into the net. Her prize was a little necklace. She wasn’t really interested in the necklace. The best part was just playing in the water! She also enjoyed the tricycle obstacle race. Mr. MaD was a little tired for that one since he’s the one that to help push her around the track in the hot sun!

Here are some pics of Princess at the Duck Pond and painting her “masterpiece”.

 Duck Pond                                     Fair Painting  

Princess really enjoyed the petting zoo. She was able to see and pet a dog, rabbit, and sheep. In another pen, there were goats. The pony ride included 2 big horses and 1 pony. Of course, the line for the pony was very long so we didn’t want to wait around to get on. Mr. MaD suggested we wait until next year so that Princess has the option to ride the big horses too.

We visited the general store and the holiday store. At the general store I was able to purchase some yummy baked goods like Triple Chocolate (Ghiradelli) Chip Nut Cookies. The holiday store sold a lot of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween stuff. There were a lot of inexpensive items for children, things that’d you’d find at a dollar store. There was also a Scholastic Book Fair happening at the same time.

We decided to have lunch at the fair. They offered a delicious taco salad. Other food offerings included the usual fair of hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn, cotton candy, and some other local favorites.

It was a fun-filled day! I know that we’ll make every effort to visit this fun fair next year. I heard that this is a 40-year tradition for the school. I hope it continues!


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