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Early Christmas Shopping November 1, 2007

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After Christmas last year, we took Princess to a neighborhood park to play on the playground equipment. While there, a little girl came to the park with her father to ride her new tricycle. It just so happened to be a Hello Kitty tricycle. It was adorable! Of course as soon as Princess saw it, she wanted to ride it.

Since that day we decided that we would get Princess a Hello Kitty tricycle for Christmas 2007. We did ask the father where he got the tricycle and he said it was actually a hand-me-down from a friend. So off we went to the nearest Sanrio store in search of this Hello Kitty tricycle. Come to find out they only carry it for the holiday season. So we searched the internet for it or anything similar with no luck.

A few months ago while shopping at the Sanrio store, I inquired about the Hello Kitty tricycle. It’s the 2007 model. They informed me that it should be arriving right around October 31st. I was even able to see a picture of it in the catalog. Too cute! We kept the date in the back of our minds so that we wouldn’t miss out this year.

Well, tonight I went to the mall to get a gift for an upcoming baby shower and I decided to check in at the Sanrio store. There it was! It was pink and purple with a handle in the back for an adult to push. It also has a little squeaky Hello Kitty toy on the handlebar. I called Mr. MaD immediately to inform him that it came in and I thought we should get it before they run out.

So, Princess has her first Christmas present hidden away for safe keeping. I think I may be more excited than she…I can hardly wait to see her ride it! Oh well, the rest of you will have to wait until Christmas to see pictures of the Hello Kitty tricycle.

P.S. I did happen to see it online on ebay and at


2 Responses to “Early Christmas Shopping”

  1. Shadow's mom Says:

    Too cute! Princess will love riding it I’m sure . . . I checked out the website you listed and I was amazed at how much it cost! Well, the joyous look on a child’s face is priceless compared to the expense . . . right Mr. MaD?

  2. middleagedmom Says:

    Yes, it is too cute! I’m sure Mr. MaD is adjusting
    to the sticker shock of the tricycle…since it is
    for Princess. I just saw a t-shirt that said
    “I’m the Princess and the big sister too!” so I told Mr. MaD that we need to get that for her. Ha, ha, ha!

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