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Pregnancy Woes November 3, 2007

There are a few things about being pregnant that seem to worry me.

  • Morning sickness – I just happened to be in the group of women who suffer from morning sickness. I hear it is something like 40%. Well, during my 1st pregnancy I was sick for 4 months. This pregnancy more like 6 months and I still feel nauseous every so often. (Everyone tells me that it means it’s a girl…hmmm?)
  • Maternal age – Obviously, since I’m a middleaged mom I fit the maternal age cut-off which is 35 years old. With “advanced maternal age” there is always a concern for Downs syndrome as well as other genetic disorders. There is also a concern for premature labor.
  • Hypertension – During my last pregnancy, I suffered from hypertension. From my first visit to confirm my pregnancy I had terribly high blood pressure (140/90).  I was on blood pressure medication for my whole pregnancy so that I would have less of a chance for pre-eclampsia. So far this pregnancy my blood pressure has been good but I still have to watch my salt intake and weight gain.
  • Weight gain – Supposedly the new amount of weight gain during pregnancy is less than what it used to be. Today my doctor reminded me that I should gain approx. 1/2 lb a week. Whew! Since my last visit a month ago I gained 4 1/2 pounds.  During my last  I gained a total of 25 pounds and lost it all and more. So far this pregnancy I gained 20 pounds. I sure hope it all comes off!
  • Quad-screen Test – This is a 2 part blood test that you take as a screening for Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 28, and I think neural tube defects. Anyway, I didn’t take this test during my last pregnancy. Supposedly it was called the Triple Screen test 2 years ago. Anyway, the test results were negative – meaning that I have a low chance of having a child with any of the tested disorders. It is not 100% but it gives a good idea of what’s happening so that you can decide if you want an amnio or not.
  • Gestational Diabetes – Today I had my gestational diabetes test. It’s the one where you have to fast the night before then take a blood test before and after drinking this sugary drink. I get the results on Monday. I am hoping and praying that my results are okay. If not, I have to take the 3 hour screening test. Ugh! Last time I had to take the 3 hour test but my results came out okay. The doctor keeps reminding me that my weight gain could affect the gestational diabetes results. He suggests that I cut down/out starches and sugars. (My cousin had gestational diabetes and it was quite a “pain” to have to watch what you eat and check your blood sugar all the time.)
  • Labor/Delivery – When I was in labor with Princess, I ended up having a c-section because I couldn’t dilate. Princess was too big. So this time, I am hoping to have an ultrasound as it gets closer to my due date so that we can see how big the baby is. If this baby is large, I would like to schedule a c-section rather than be in labor for almost 30+ hours then find out I have to have a  c-section.

On a related note, I’ve been worried about Princess and her adjustment to this pregnancy and the arrival of the new baby. Well yesterday we may have had a breakthrough. I had to leave to visit my girlfriend in the hospital (she just gave birth to a beautiful daughter). When I was getting dressed, Princess came to me and started following me around. I was a little worried that she would start crying when I left. I continued getting ready and packing up my things, then I opened the door and took out my keys. Amazingly, she said “bye” to me and pushed me out the door! Wow! I said “bye” to her and left. I didn’t hear her crying at all. When I came home I asked Mr. MaD how she did. He said she was fine and didn’t even cry. I was so proud of her! That is the 1st time she hasn’t cried when I left the house without her. Progress.