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Birthday Card November 18, 2007

Filed under: children,handmade cards,scrapbooking,toddlers — middleagedmom @ 2:08 pm

girl birthday card

Here’s a girl birthday card that I made for a recent 2nd birthday party that Princess was invited to. I didn’t include the inside since it just said the usual “Happy Birthday to you!”


4 Responses to “Birthday Card”

  1. Hey, Stopped by to look at the card you made but can’t view. Are you able to preview your post? All that I see is the text. Please let me know, I am excited to see your creation.

  2. middleagedmom Says:

    Hey Ruth,

    For some strange reason I can view my post so I wonder why you can’t see the image? Hmmm…
    I actually wanted to post a different picture with some text that I added to the image but that didn’t work when I tried to insert the image. So maybe something is off with wordpress today?
    Does it show a thumbnail or a title of the image?
    If so, can you click on that? If not, I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe I’ll try to post it again.

  3. You know, I am not sure what happened either. All that I am seeing is a box with a red X and the title “Girl 2nd Bday Card” and then the remaining text. I will refresh my page and check back with you. Oh, I did not want to forget to tell you that I love the picture you are using for your blog name. Those little feet are so cute! I’ll get back to you soon.


  4. Sorry, I refreshed and still the same. I hope you figure it out. I’ll check back with you later. Can’t wait to view your new creation.


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