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3-hour Glucose Test Results November 19, 2007

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Well as it turned out I failed my 3 hour glucose test…so I guess that means I have gestational diabetes. I must say that I am bummed! I really tried so hard for 2 weeks to watch my diet. I cut out all juice and soda. I limited my sugar intake and if I ate any sweets it was sugar-free.  In fact, I only gained 1 pound in the last 2 weeks. Oh well…

Now I have to attend a consultation and a 3-hour class at the hospital. I guess that means I’ll have to restrict my diet and start pricking my finger to test my blood sugar levels. I am not looking forward to this at all, especially since it is the holidays and as you know I really enjoy baking. Maybe I need to search out some sugar-free/sugar substitute recipes.

I’m going to try to enjoy my Thanksgiving meal while watching what I eat. I think it’ll be tough…especially, resisting dessert. I wonder if it’s okay to have just a tiny bit of dessert?

I’ll post an update after I attend my consultation and my 3-hour class.


15 Responses to “3-hour Glucose Test Results”

  1. Casey Says:

    Oh my, this is like reading my life right now with the gestational diabetes thing. With my last son I also failed the first test, but passed second, so this time around, I figured when I failed the first one, no big deal, until 2 days before Thanksgiving at my last appt. I too have gestational diabetes and it was horrible trying not to eat what I wanted on Thanksgiving. I meet with a nutritionist tomorrow. I want something to drink besides water so bad. That’s how I found your blog. Anyhow, hope all turns out ok with you and your baby.

  2. middleagedmom Says:

    Hey Casey,

    Gosh, your situation is just like mine. I have to same complaint about just drinking water too. I do drink crystal light sometimes and diet soda sometimes but for some reason I don’t really care for the artificial sweetner in those things. I actually tend to like things with splenda better. I too had to resist at Thanksgiving. I limited any carbs and I totally resisted any sweets, even fruit. Let me know how things go with your nutritionist. I go for my consult at the end of the week. I’ll be posting about that too. Take care!

  3. jmluam Says:

    Hey, I just failed my 1 hour today. This is my 3rd pregnancy and my other 2 were fine. I was totally shocked when she told me that I failed. My score was 179, and they wanted to see it below 140. I am so stressed about it, because I am a healthy eater, I am young(25) and I am not ever weight. It just doesn’t make sense. I finished the drink at 10:05 and had the finger stick at 11:05 on the dot. I didn’t have anything at all to eat or drink since the night before at 5pm. I know its not the end of the world but I just don’t understand. I am convinced I have diabetes now and it scares me to death. And when she did the measurements last week I was measuring 2 weeks ahead, so I am convinced and stressed about it. Any ideas how this could be? What was your 1 hour score?

  4. middleagedmom Says:

    Hi “jmluam”,

    What a bummer! I know exactly how you feel about failing that 1 hour test. My 1 hour score was 144 and the last time I was pregnant it was 148. The reference range was 70-139.

    Although it feels so frustrating, I must tell you not to be discouraged! During my first pregnancy, I failed the first 1 hour test but passed the 3 hour test. My cousin had gestational diabetes during her 1st pregnancy and she is 8 years younger than me, she is very thin, and there is no history of diabetes in her family. So, you just never know. My doctor doesn’t know why I have it this time since my weight is better than the last time. He says sometimes it’s just the placenta of the baby.

    So, don’t give up! Be positive…control you diet now before your 3-hour test and keep your diet under control. If you limit your carbs, you can do it! As for the measurements, I wouldn’t worry about it unless your OB is worried. My first baby was 8 lbs when she was born and I didn’t have g.d. For this pregnancy, when I had my 2nd ultrasound the ultrsound doctor said my baby looked about a week ahead too. Also, my OB says that for the most part your babies are bigger for each subsequent pregnancy.

    My other girlfriend has 4 children and she had g.d. for 2 out of her 4 pregnancies.

    I must say, after a few days on this g.d. meal plan and checking my blood sugar levels, I’m doing okay.
    It’s not as bad as I thought. Diabetes is something that can be controlled or avoided. So just because you get g.d. it doesn’t mean you’ll have diabetes later…it really is under your control.

    Keep your faith up…God is watching over you and your baby! Take care! Let me know how you do with your 3 hour test!

  5. Jaymie B Says:

    I had a high 1 hour during both of my pregnancies but couldn’t get through the 3 hour during either of them. During the first pregnancy I let the doctor’s treat me as though I had gestational diabetes, I lost 8 pounds in one week on the diabetic diet and in the end, they thought I probably was not diabetic because my daughter was born at 5lbs 13oz and my daily finger stick readings never went above 110. While doing the diabetic diet, there were a couple of things that I learned to be magical foods (especially for those meals where you are starving and you can’t come up with anything to eat that fits in with your carb count) — homemade chili loaded with cheese on top (if your recipe calls for sugar, rice, or noodles, omit them), and cheese of course. For some reason, the diabetic specialists seem to forget to tell people cheese doesn’t raise your blood sugar — so eat up! I could easily finish off a whole tub of cottage cheese for a snack…and still had my carb snacks left, not to mention you will make your protein goal for the day if you live on cheese.

    Hang in there, pregnancy only lasts for a little while 🙂

  6. middleagedmom Says:

    Thanks Jaymie B for sharing your story! Gosh, your baby was little! It doesn’t sound like you really ended up with gestational diabetes. I’m glad that you and your baby ended up healthy!

    Thanks for the tip about the g.d. diet. Yes, homemade chili with lots of cheese sounds good! Is that all meat or do you include beans? I know that beans count as carbs too.

    My gestational diabetes was under control for the most part.
    Since giving birth, my diabetes nurse encouraged me to continue with the g.d. diet. I really haven’t followed it so strictly but I know that I should watch my sugars and carbs.
    I lost all of my pregnancy weight and a little more so my doctor is not too worried. He said that if I keep my weight under control I should be okay.

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  7. Stephanie C. Says:

    Thank all of you for posting these wonderful stories!!! I just recently failed my 1 hour gd test. I had a 148, with the range being from 60-130. My doctors are really cruel about it though. I AM overweight and have tried really hard to keep me weight down. I am in my 6th month, and I have only gained 10 lbs during this pregnancy. One of the doctors at the practice (there are 9 of them which I must see) told me that I shouldn’t gain anymore weight, and that my 10 lb weight gain can really hurt my baby. He told me it would be in my best interest to try to take off those 10 lbs now.

    I was horrified when I heard this, since I have been super careful with my diet and have even been exercising more. I was pretty pleased that I only gain 10lbs so far! Anyway, I am going for my 3-hour gd screening this weekend, and I hope that I pass. I really don’t know how much more I can cut down. I already drink ONLY water or unsweetened iced tea, I have not eaten the sweet foods like cookies, cakes, and ice cream (though I have desperately wanted it) and I have eaten much more proteins and vegetables. But this one doctor makes me feel like I am going to be a bad mom. This is my first pregnancy, and I am 27. I am so excited, but so worried that I am already messing my daughter up, and she isn’t even born yet!! Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!!!

  8. middleagedmom Says:

    Hey Stephanie,

    I can totally understand. My original doctor told me not
    to gain any weight with my first pregnancy. I had to stay with
    her for 9 weeks before she referred me to another doctor since
    she no longer did obstetrics. I too was overweight (quite a bit)
    with my first pregnancy. I thought it was a little strict to tell me not to gain any weight during my pregnancy. She also made me feel really bad. Thank God, my new doctor was a little more reasonable. With that pregnancy, he told me I could gain
    up to 25lbs. or so. He made me feel so much better and at ease. I think it is great that you have only gained 10lbs. It is probably all baby. If you decide to breastfeed, you’ll probably lose your weight and more. (Can you say “breastfeed” or do I need to say nurse on these blogs?)
    I wish you the best on your 3 hour glucose test. I hope you pass but if you don’t, do not condemn yourself. Instead, think of it as a challenge. You can change your diet and not take medication. You can probably keep your gd under control if you’re careful about what you eat and how much. The gd nurse said that sometimes even if you control your diet, some people need insulin anyway. It’s just how the placenta works during this pregnancy. My doctor also mentioned to me that when you take the blood test and they look at your hemaglobin levels ( I think that’s what it is?) they can tell how well you’ve been controlling your diet from about a month before the test.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Take the time to enjoy it and relax! You are doing the best that you can…no one can fault you for that! The first pregnancy is always special ( the others are too but there’s something about the 1st one). Just think of how you have been blessed with this beautiful baby!

  9. MAMAMIA! Says:

    Hi there,
    Just a word of caution: With my first child, I failed the one hour and passed the three. Unfortunalely, I actually had GD and had horrible complications in birth with my little guy. He was huge and could not ‘get out’. He went into fetal stress, swallowed meconium and his heartrate dropped to 45. My labor lasted about 30 seconds; just enough time for them to shove a mask on my face in order to perform an emergency c-section. My son weighed 9/3, and was a 1 (ONE), that’s right, 1 on the APGAR scale. He was in bad shape for several days. My only advice is that if you fail the 1 hour, make sure you monitor your sugars periodically throughout the rest of your pregnancy (even if you pass the 3 hour test). I am pregnant again with our third child, and I failed the 3 hour at 4 weeks pregnant. Funny thing is I have normal readings when I am not pregnant, no matter how much sugar I consume.

  10. Confused Mama Says:

    These are really good stories. I am also gd with 7 weeks left in this first pregnancy. I’m 33 yof who is overweight also (225) but have lost 5 pounds since the start of this adventure.

    What gets me is where exactly is my blood sugar supposed to be? I stick myself like a mad women, hanging on every reading. The doctor says anything below 140 is good and yet the rn in the same office says below 120. Each website says it’s own thing! So what is it? Why is everything so subjective when doctors throw around words like “stillborn” and “vaginal trauma” and other horrible things?

    My readings are btwn 88 and 150 but typical 1 hr post eating is about 112-140. By the way, cereal is about the worst thing you can eat! Who would have thought?!

  11. middleagedmom Says:

    Hi Confused Mama,

    Congratulations on the pregnancy! Hang in there…7 weeks is going to fly by and before you know it, you will have a beautiful baby in your arms!

    I’m not sure what the exact blood sugar level is supposed to be when you’re pregnant but I was told to keep mine between 90-120 during the day. I had to test 2 hours after my meal. My fasting blood sugar was supposed to be between 70-90, that’s the first test in the morning after you wake up.

    It sure is amazing to find out all the different foods that aren’t “good” for your blood sugar. It was a real learning experience.

    Don’t give up! Just do your best to eat healthy so that your baby gets the nutrition it needs and at the same time watch your carbs. Oh…exercise was always recommended to help keep the blood sugar in check. It does work because when I usually did something physical, like walk around at a craft fair, my blood sugars were lower.

    Take care of yourself and your baby. God bless you!

  12. Kelly Says:

    I just found out that I have g.d. like a week ago. It hasn’t been too hard for me to maintain the proper diet, however I am having a really hard time figuring out what to cook for dinner. I have to have 3-4 carb servings at dinner plus protein, and for some reason dinner seems to be my hardest meal. Anyone want to list some good dinner suggestions for me that I could try? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  13. middleagedmom Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Gosh, I’m sorry to hear that you have gestational diabetes. It sounds like you have it pretty much under control with your diet. That’s great!

    As for dinner, 3-4 carb serving is the norm I think. I was allowed 4 carbs (60 grams) at dinner. I think it you eat lean proteins and lots of non-starchy vegetables, then you can have a decent serving of carbs like potatoes, rice, bread. I actually just ate what the family was eating but just limited my carb intake (esp. serving size). Don’t forget that beans count as carbs too. Oh, and watch out for condiments like ketchup and dressings.

    Try grilled fish like salmon with some spices rubbed on it or grilled chicken. You can also grill vegetables or roast veggies like zucchini, eggplant, squash.

    Have you tried looking online for some low carb recipes. There are a lot out there. I think it’s easier to control the carbs if you cook your meals but if you do eat out you’ll just need to be careful of added sugars like in dressings.

    What have you be having for dinner so far?

    When I found out I had gestational diabetes, I had to take a class at my local hospital. It was really good because they taught you all about gd and they went over different foods and serving sizes of foods. We also had a booklet with all the carb counts for different food groups. That was really helpful when meal planning.

    Maybe you could get a list of the different foods in each food group with their carb counts somewhere online. Have you checked out the American Diabetes Association website? They have info on nutrition and recipes too.

    Hope all goes well for you. It sounds like you’re off to a good start! Take care!

  14. Kelly Says:


    I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that I will pretty much do what you did, and eat what everyone else eats except limit it. I mean my levels weren’t off by much, and so far just limiting how much I eat at a sitting has been working for me. I think that maybe my problem was that I was thinking about it waaaaay too much. I was analyzing it and thinking to hard, when really it’s a lot of common sense, just need to be cautious. Thanks for the suggestions though, I will definitely use them. I only have 9 weeks of this and it will be over so I think I can handle it. 🙂

  15. middleagedmom Says:

    Good for you Kelly! Yes, worrying too much will add
    stress to your pregnancy. I’m sure you are already doing
    what you need to do to have a healthy pregnancy.
    Wow, only 9 more weeks! I hope all goes well with the
    rest of your pregnancy. I’m sure you can’t wait to hold
    your beautiful baby in your arms…what a blessing!
    Take care of yourself!

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