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Enjoying the Season? December 12, 2007

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Today I decided to take Princess to one of our local malls for a Christmas train ride.  We met my cousin, her husband and her son who is a couple months older than Princess. This train ride cost approx. $7 for approx. 10 minutes of riding around the mall. It’s a little pricey but fun for the children and great for picture taking.

My cousin got there before us so I asked her to make sure they give refunds in case Princess decided she didn’t want to ride the train. When we got there, Princess didn’t seem bothered by the train when it pulled up to the train stop. I was happy that she seemed okay so far. Our time slot came so we headed to the train. We decided to go to the back car of the train since parents can only follow from behind, not on the sides. Princess’s cousin got right in the train and was buckled in. I lifted Princess up to put her in the car…then came the dreaded iron grip on my shirt and her legs locked around my belly. Soon the fussing followed. I attempted, along with everyone else there, to convince her that it would be okay since her cousin was there with her. But, she refused to get in the car. I was bummed! I was hoping for a cute picture of her in that decorated train, esp. in front of the Christmas tree. But, NO WAY! We got our refund (whew, I didn’t have to waste $7) and followed her cousin in the train.  Even sadder, after the train returned to the stop, I tried to carry Princess in front of it just to get a picture of us with the train in the background but she wouldn’t have it. She began to fuss and was on the verge of tears!

The interesting thing is that just a month ago she was so willing to ride the pony. Yet, she won’t get on this train…go figure? A couple months ago we took her to Chuck E. Cheese for a birthday party. While there, we tried to get her to ride the little car or trolley ride but she refused. So strange because when I took her there around 6 months ago…she wanted to ride the car and trolley. How children change in a few short months? At our last pediatrician’s visit, I remember mentioning Princess’s fears to our doctor, he said that often it’s because as they get older they are more aware of things around them.

So, now I have pictures of the train with her cousin in it. I have a picture of the 2 of us in front of the train but it shows her terrified face. Oh, well…it’ll just be added to our scrapbook as one of those experiences that she didn’t enjoy. I won’t give up though, I plan to try again next year!

Besides Princess not enjoying herself at the mall, I have to mention my observation about people.  I’m not sure if anyone else has encountered this situation but I am often disappointed when people don’t hold the door open at stores. They just go in and then let the door go…with me standing right behind it. I’m not sure if people are just in a rush to go somewhere or they just aren’t thinking about other people around them. This past weekend I was at a craft fair and I overheard a woman walking by me say, “I’m not a mother so I have no sympathy.” Whoa, that blew my mind! I couldn’t believe that another woman would be saying that.  I wonder if she just has no sympathy for mothers or is she unsympathetic to everyone else who is different from her? SAD! Okay, not meaning to sound so negative…for the most part people are pretty nice about holding the door open for us, esp. when they see me pregnant with a toddler in a stroller. It’s just those few times when I have to wonder about human nature. Gosh, I hold the door open for anyone else who is around me, whether they’re a parent with children or not. I would think it’s just common courtesy.

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday season…we still have a few more weeks of hustle and bustle to go. I’m still enjoying it, even if today wasn’t the best day. Happy Holidays!

P.S. I’m starting my Christmas baking this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.


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