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Barnes & Noble, Bah Humbug! December 15, 2007

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Just a quick post about Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Usually, I take Princess to Barnes & Noble once a week to read books. Sometimes we purchase books, sometimes we just read.

Well, yesterday I decided to take her to Barnes & Noble to read books and at the same time pick up some gifts. Usually, she likes to read some of the same books so we go to the same section in the Children’s area. Princess likes to sit down and read on the floor and I sit down and read to her too. (At this stage in pregnancy, I appreciate getting off my feet.)Sometimes we read on the little benches too but many times there are lots of children there. After a few minutes, the salesperson came to us and told us that we can’t sit on the floor. So I got up. Then I asked if children could sit on the floor and she said, “No.”

At first I was a little upset that I couldn’t sit on the floor with Princess but actually I was upset at the fact that she couldn’t sit on the floor and read. I asked if this rule was for Christmas only and she informed me that it was a “…new rule from now on.”

I don’t know about the rest of you but it would be nice to let toddlers sit on the floor and read especially when I’m trying to shop for Christmas presents at the same time.  Then Princess could just sit down right where I’m looking (like the board book section) and just read while I browse. But, NO…now she can only sit on the little benches which are on the opposite side of the Children’s area. So, what did we do? We left. I figured why should I waste my time in there when I wouldn’t be able to shop since Princess wouldn’t be preoccupied while I shop.

Hmm…I may have to shop at Borders or on Amazon this year!

 P.S. I do realize that it probably is a fire hazard to have us on the floor. Well, esp. us adults. I know that adults are always on the floor in Barnes & Noble. I see them all the time. But it’s a little bit of a “pain” for the parents, not to allow children to sit on the floor and read books.


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