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Christmas Past January 3, 2008

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I know everyone says the same thing…Christmas flew by! Yes, it sure did. All of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush has finally come to a close. I even put away my little fake Christmas tree. I still have my garland up since I enjoy the Christmas lights. I’m sad to say that it will soon be put away too.

I wanted to share some pictures from my Christmas baking. I decided to bake a selection of sweet treats this year. I made  pretzel “turtle” candies, peppermint cookies ‘n cream brownies, chocolate chip cookies, M & M mint cookies, and banana bread. I ended up making multiple batches but on different days. Many of the goodies went to Mr. MaD’s co-workers. Some went to my doctor, relatives, friends, and neighbors.

 Christmas Cookies 2007   Cookie Bag 2007

This year for Christmas, Princess was less interested in her presents. She didn’t really even touch them when they were wrapped up and sitting on the table right in front of her. When it came to opening them…she was not in the least bit interested. Mr. MaD did most of the opening. We tried to snap some pictures with presents but she wouldn’t have it. Well, not until Mr. MaD opened up the Hello Kitty tricycle. You remember, the one I mentioned back in November. Yes, she loved it and couldn’t wait to get on it. She can’t really pedal yet but she puts her feet on the pedals while we push her around. Sometimes, she just pushes herself with her feet. She like to push the little Hello Kitty toy on the handlebars to make it squeak! So cute! Coming in at a close 2nd to the Hello Kitty tricycle is her new Radio Flyer horse. While Mr. MaD was putting it together she tried to get on it. When she finally got on it she did not want to get off. We had to tell her that “horsey” is going to sleep. We’ve decided to cover him with a sheet so that she knows he is sleeping. Every so often she says, “horsey” and looks under the sheet.


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