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Gestational Diabetes Update – post pregnancy February 15, 2008

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Okay, so most of you know that Baby has arrived already! Yes, I am exhausted! If you read my earlier post you know that my baby was large, over 9 pounds.  My doctor said that I seem to just have large babies. He doesn’t think that my baby’s size was due to the gestational diabetes since I kept my blood sugar under control. This pregancy I gained less than 30 pounds.

Anyway, since the birth of Baby, I have lost all the pregnancy weight and a little more (approx. 35+ pounds total).  I recently had to take another glucose test to see if I had diabetic tendencies prior to pregnancy. This glucose test was a 2 hour test. I had to drink about 75 ml of that orange drink. My blood was drawn prior to the drink and 2 hours after. My doctor called to tell me that my 2 hour reading was borderline ( I don’t know the number and I forgot to ask). He said that he is not worried, esp. if I keep my weight under control. He thinks that I will continue to loose weight since I am nursing. He also encouraged me to exercise. I still need to talk to the g.d. nurse to see what she says. Right after the birth, she encouraged me to continue with the g.d. diet, esp. since my baby was so large.

Right now, I’m not really watching my diet. In fact, my doctor told me not to diet since I’m nursing. I’m sure he doesn’t want me to go overboard and eat everything. The funny thing is that I was telling Mr. MaD prior to giving birth that I really wanted to eat doughnuts after the birth of Baby…well, I haven’t had any doughnuts yet. I guess you just want to eat stuff when you can’t have them! I’ll let you know if I ever get those doughnuts!


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  1. WSB Says:

    Have you looked at
    It has some info that will let you know if a borderline GTT is serious or not. (It is.)

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