Confessions of a Middleagedmom

surviving motherhood in the “middle ages”

Toddler Bed – Quick Update March 8, 2008

Filed under: baby,children,family,moms,toddlers — middleagedmom @ 7:36 pm

Okay, we moved the toddler bed into Princess’s bedroom. We kept the crib in there too since that’s what I read as a suggestion in a book or magazine. We decided to try to see if she would sleep in the toddler bed for her nap. Nope! Before reading her books, I explained to her that she could sleep in the big girl bed today instead of the crib. So after finishing reading, we said, “Okay, let’s sleep in the bed!” Princess walked straight to her crib. When I tried to guide her to the bed, she refused loudly! We ended up letting her sleep in the crib. I think she feel secure in it.  Oh well, we’ll try again tomorrow. I wonder if it would make a difference if we position the toddler bed where the crib is and then move the crib? Hmmm…transitions are so difficult!

Let’s see how long this one will take!


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