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Checking In April 19, 2008

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It’s sure been a long time…so long that I noticed that WordPress has made some changes to my blog dashboard. I like the changes since it gives you a glance of everything on one page. Pretty cool!

Life with an infant and toddler has been keeping me very busy. Yes, I know it may not seem like I could be so busy with 2 children especially if you are a mother with more than 2 children. I have said it before and I will say it again…motherhood is the hardest/toughtest job around.  A lot of people told me that having 2 children is tough since you have to learn to multi-task. Geez, I thought I was already pretty good at multi-tasking but it’s not the same when you have 2 little ones who need your attention. Since Princess and Baby are over 24 months apart, I thought that would be a pretty good age difference between the 1st child and the 2nd. Not too mention, fertitlity was an issue. I probably mentioned this before that my doctor said you’re most fertile 1-2 years after giving birth so we used that time frame. Anyway, a couple of people have told me that 3 years between children is a good range. Then others tell me that it doesn’t matter what the age range is because your children just have different needs at every age.  So, who knows what the best age range is for having children.

Baby update…Baby is doing better with sleeping. Usually she gets up twice a night for feedings. Recently, she has been not too happy about getting a bottle. We try to give her a bottle a couple times a week just to keep her flexible. Well, she gets very upset when Mr. MaD tries to feed her. Princess was actually easy when it came to bottles. She was mostly breastfed but did receive bottles so that she could be babysat if we needed. I think as she gets older I’ve finally begun feeling more connected to her since she interacts more with us. She is smiling, laughing, cooing. It’s so cute! She enjoys pat-a-cake! Last night she slept for most of the night and only woke up once! I’m hoping that this is the new trend for night time sleep.

Princess update…Unfortunately, Princess did not get accepted to the preschool that we wanted her to attend. It was a Christian preschool with very small classes.  We were very disappointed since they only had a few openings and of course, many applicants. We only applied for 3 preschools and decided not to try for one of those schools. So now we’re waiting to hear from the last preschool. If she wants to attend this school she will need to be toilet-trained. Right now, Princess is not toilet-trained and doesn’t appear to be ready.  Mr. MaD and I have been frantically looking into other preschools but of course we are very late already. We’ve been thinking about Montessori schools or Waldorf. Any thoughts on those? They both sound very good and seem to take into account the individual development of the child. Both seem to be very hands-on and not so structured. One of the things that has bothered me about this preschool process is that when you apply for each preschool you need to submit an application fee of usually $50. That wouldn’t be so bad if they really had openings. Most times they don’t but they don’t tell you that. They say to just try because there may be openings, or it’s not too late yet, or she can be on the wait list. Ugh! We’ve spent a good sum of money only to be disappointed and frustrated. Recently, I received a phone call from a preschool saying that they received our application. Then I was informed that the 2 year old class just filled up and has a long wait list so would I like to try for the 3 year old class.  And yes, Princess would need to be toilet-trained. The phone call upset me because just the week before (Friday) Mr. MaD called that school to ask if there were openings and he was told that we  still have a chance so we should submit the application. He was also told that Princess would be in teh 2 year old class because of her late birthday. So we frantically worked on the application and mailed it on Saturday. Then on Monday I receive the phone call saying that class just filled up! Hmmm….

Okay, that’s about all for now. I have to get some stuff done around here. I’d really like to post more often but it’s really tough. I’m so bummed that I can’t even read some of my favorite blogs too. Hope you are all doing well. God bless you all!