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Update – Double Stroller and Preschool May 22, 2008

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Double strollers – okay, we finally invested in a double stroller. We narrowed it down tothe Graco double stroller with “stadium” seats or the Baby Trend Sit ‘n Stand. After doing some research online and trying out the Graco in the store, we decided to purchase the Baby Trend.  Why?

Well, the Graco was pretty roomy and I did like the basket for storage but it felt so difficult to open and close. Also, the infant seat didn’t seem to secure properly even after reading the directions. I think those straps that are in the seat are supposed to secure the car seat but the straps were too short.

The Baby Trendwas actually stumbled upon by my husband. My cousin purchased a Baby Trend Sit ‘n Stand stroller at a local store but I was really looking for a stroller with 2 seats since I felt Princess would like sitting facing the back on the jump seat. Come to find out, Baby Trend makes a double stroller that has 2 seats. The back seat can later be removed so that you can use the jump seat. Yes, it does weigh a little bit more, approx. 35 lbs. but I think it is worth it.  Our local store didn’t have it in stock so we checked online and it turns out that the price would be almost the same. We ended up getting the one from One Step Ahead that’s made by Baby Trend.  It is a little big especially when you put the infant seat on it but it’s working out well for us. Princess really enjoys sitting in back of her sister. She can even touch her feet.

Preschool – I’ve mentioned the preschool process in an earlier post. Well, of the 3 preschools that we applied Princess for we decided to pull our application for one of them since we felt it wouldn’t be a good fit for Princess.  As for our 1st choice preschool, Princess didn’t get it. There were only a few slots (less than 5 openings) and a ton of applicants. She is on the waiting list but it looks grim. The 3rd school just called us to let us know that they have a slot for Princess but she has to be toilet trained. As of right now, she is not so we are paying our deposit to hold her slot and hope that she will be completely potty trained by August. In the meantime, we were searching for other options for Princess. Again, we dished out a lot of money for more preschool applications. We filled out many comprehensive applications asking very detailed questions with many paragraphs written to answer them.  We were asked to take part in parent interviews as well as child observations. Whew, did I mention that Princess is only 2 1/2 years old!  We looked into academic programs, less academic programs, Monetessori and Waldorf, just to name a few. As of now, she will start in June at a private preschool (quite expensive) for 1/2 day. She does not have to be potty trained if she starts in June. Their program seems a little academic but is extremely mindful of each child’s individual development. They aren’t fully focused on “academics” until age 4. The use portfolios to report to parents about each child. We are hopeful that this program will be good for Princess. We are hoping that she gets potty trained by August so that we can switch preschools to the one that we paid the deposit to (the 3rd school). We liked that program too but since she isn’t potty trained we couldn’t start her in June. This preschool is way less expensive than the one she will start at. Yes, I know that switching preschools may not be the best for her but we’ll play it by ear and see what happens. 

The only other thing that I’m worried about it her adjustment to being away from me.  Remember, she is clingy. I think I’ll have a hard time adjusting too.  I’ll keep you posted as it gets closer.


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