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He Said July 22, 2008

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Recently we went to the pediatrician for Baby’s 6 month well baby visit.  She is doing well. She is in the 90th percentile for weight. Hee, hee, hee. If you saw her legs, specifically her thighs, you would believe it. I think she looks healthy. I love all of her little folds on her thighs and arms. She is growing so fast. Her height and weight are growing consistently so we don’t have to worry about her weight. Quite frankly, I wasn’t anyway. Of course she got the requisite vaccinations. So sad…and this time her leg was red and sore after getting one of those shots. Poor thing!

During the visit, the doctor asked about her temperment since he heard her crying when she first got in the room and had to get undressed. Mind you, he was in another room. He also heard her crying (well, screaming) when she was getting weighed and having her length measured. She was practically crying the whole time, sometimes even when I was carrying her. At 6 months old, she already doesn’t like going to the doctor’s office.

So, the doctor asked us if she cries like that a lot. So I said that she does “grumble” a lot at home. She will let us know vocally by fussing, crying, or screaming when she is unhappy, bored, lonely, or dirty. She often grumbles when Mr. MaD leaves the room and she can see him walk away. 

After relaying all of this information to the doctor, Mr. MaD says, “She grumbles a lot, just like her mother.”

The doctor’s reply, “Oh? Usually, spouses say stuff like that when the other spouse is not in the room.”


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