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Chicken Soup IS Really Good for the Soul October 13, 2008

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Sometimes the only thing that hits the spot is a bowl of chicken soup. So here’s a pot of chicken soup that I made for the family. It doesn’t last too long in our house. Princess really enjoys her chicken soup.

It’s just a basic chicken soup, in fact, this time I took the semi-homemade route and used boxed organic chicken stock and rotisserie chicken. Then just add a few vegetables and some noodles. Oh, top off with some parsley for color. Enjoy!


Looking for Lock & Lock October 8, 2008

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Just a quick post regarding Lock & Lock products.

Some people have been emailing me asking me where to find Lock & Lock products, esp. the bento sets. Well, unfortunately, those bento sets are very difficult to find. You can try looking online. You can also try checking out any Asian stores in your area, specifically Japanese or Korean grocery stores. Since the original Lock & Lock is made in Korea by Hanacobi, you can usually find them in Korean stores. The Lock & Lock products that I have are made in Korea.  I heard that those made in Korea are better than the others but I don’t really know for sure. I know that QVC now carries a lot of Lock & Lock products. They don’t have the bento sets of course, but they do have a lunch box set that has a little cooler with the containers.  I’m not sure where the QVC Lock & Lock is made. You’d have to check on that.

Well, those are my suggestions. I hope you find the Lock & Lock products that you’re looking for. I really enjoy using my Lock & Lock containers.


Sugar Rush October 5, 2008

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Note: Sorry for the blurry pictures. I don’t know what’s going on with my camera.

Recently, I’ve been craving sugar. Yes, that means baking in my house. So, I’ve indulged in cookies and brownies. Not good for my health but it hits the spot.

In an effort to curb some of my cravings without eating sugar, I made chocolate mousse using a product called San Sucre Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse. It was okay. The consistency was pretty creamy but you can tell it is made with something other than sugar. I’m actually surprised that there was a little after taste. I usually like things made with Splenda since I don’t really taste the after taste too much.

I also started drinking Crystal Light again just so I wouldn’t crave soda or juice. I actually don’t like too many flavors of Crystal Light. I usually drink Lemonade and Iced Tea mixed together…Lemonade Iced Tea. My mom just gave me a box of Pomegrante Crystal Light so I decided to try it mixed with Icea Tea to make Pomegrante Iced Tea. Yummy! It turned out great. Of course I dont’ use the whole packet. In fact, I only use maybe 1/4th  of the packet of each to make a  cup of Pomegranted Iced Tea.