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surviving motherhood in the “middle ages”

Time Flies! February 11, 2009

Can you believe it is already February 2009!

So, how can you tell that you’ve been gone in like “forever”? Well, when you finally return to your blog’s dashboard and you don’t even recognize it!  How scary is that?

So, life has caught up with me lately…consuming all of my time.  Recently, my Baby turned one! Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday I was blogging about being pregnant with her. I am loving every minute of her life. This age is so great (every age is great) because she is just walking and so interactive. Her smile is contagious and she just bring so much joy to our lives.  Her  birthday was a great celebration. Of course, I drove myself crazy with making her invitations, her favors, the centerpieces, etc. I recently sent out her thank you cards which I made on Adobe Photoshop Elements. I am still learning how to use Photoshop Elements so I take a long time to create something so simple. I guess my age is catching up to me.  Any Photoshop Elements advice out there? I sure could use some.

Princess is enjoying her time in preschool. At the end of last year, she took school portraits that came out so adorable. Okay, I realize that everyone thinks their child is adorable but I was truly impressed with her. Why? Well, when we try to take photos at home, she is truly not interested. She does not want to pose or smile for the camera. It may be 1 in 50 photos that I can get her to look into the camera with a semi-nice smile. Let’s face it. She can’t be bothered posing for me.

The relationship between Princess and Baby has evolved. Princess is still pretty nice to Baby but she has become more territorial. I realized that it’s because Baby is now more mobile and loves to touch Princess’s toys. Baby has tons of her own toys but wants everything that Princess has when Princess has it. She is her sister’s shadow and Princess does not want anything to do with it. Of course, I do see some affection from Princess occasionally but she would rather not be bothered with her little sister. Is this the start of sibling rivalry? I sure hope not. My wish is that they become the best of friends who will love and support each other into adulthood. No, I’m not trying to be idealistic!

So, how was your holiday season. I’m sure busy like the rest of us. Not too mention probably a bit worrisome with the down turn in the economy. This past Christmas I made a few desk calendars using a program called Picture Gear Studio. I think it’s a Sony program.  I used some digital photos of the girls and it came out pretty good. I think I’ll try it again for some other projects. Besides making these calendars, I also did my yearly holiday baking. This year I cut down the variety of cookies. I made only 1 type of cookie and I also made a savory pretzel snack. I also tried out a cinnamon-sugar chex mix. It was okay but not as yummy as “puppy chow”. I was actually trying to find an easy chex recipe that was sweet but didn’t have nuts or peanut butter.

Speaking of baking? Have you seen the new O Magazine. It has an article about a bakery called Baked. They feature a few recipes in the magazine that I can’t wait to try. I also just spotted the new Cookie book from Martha Stewart at Costco. Looks so tempting but I have tons of cookbooks so I have to think about it before purchasing it.

I just tried a recipe that I found online for some oat bars. They were pretty good but I didn’t have a 9×9 pan so I used an 8×8 so of course the bars were a little thick and soft in the middle.  (I’ll post a link to the recipe in the next post after I dig up the recipe again.)

So what have you been baking lately?


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