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“Freaking Out” About Real Food February 17, 2009

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Help! My Baby doesn’t really want to eat any real food…table food to be exact. She appears to be “longing” after our meals but when I offer it to her she either gags, spits it out, or cries.

She is very content to eat her baby food, mostly #2 and some #3. I think she doesn’t like the texture.  I am trying so hard to introduce table food into her diet. The doctor said to let her eat table foods that you know she likes because maybe she will be won over by the taste and forget about the texture. Other advice has been to let her starve because she’ll eat when she is hungry. I have to admit that’s a little hard for me to do.

She does enjoy baby yogurt (Yo Baby brand) and applesauce. She eats cream of wheat.  Once she wanted to try ramen noodles but the next time she spit it out. She also does not want to eat finger food by herself. She’ll eat it if I put it in her mouth but she won’t put it in her mouth by herself.  For example, she’ll eat those Gerber puffs but only if I feed it to her. She will pick it up and play with it but won’t put it in her mouth.  (Initially, she didn’t even want to eat those puffs when I offered it to her. She would just gag!)

Besides this refusal to really eat table food, she also has refused cow’s milk. She may try a few sips from the sippy cup but mostly plays with the spout. Then the milk dribbles down the side of her mouth. I even tried to offer her it in a cup. She is pretty much exclusively breast-fed. When she was a newborn in the hospital, we did give her some formula. We tried to offer her some formula when we got home just to make it easier for me to leave the house if I have to. Well, she would drink a little or just starve herself until I returned. Basically, she never really did like the bottle so we just gave up instead of wasting all that formula.

I’ve read a bunch of stuff online but I’m still a little worried about it. 

Any suggestions? Maybe some table foods I can try that Baby might like? Am I rushing her too fast?


2 Responses to ““Freaking Out” About Real Food”

  1. Yvette Says:

    I wish I had known about this when my now-18 year old was reluctant to start solids in the traditional way.

  2. middleagedmom Says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll check out that website to get some

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