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Happy St. Patrick’s Day March 18, 2009

Filed under: childhood,children,family,food — middleagedmom @ 3:37 pm

Did you wear green yesterday? I did. I was too afraid of getting pinched.

In the good “ole days, my fellow classmates in elementary school were quick to remind each other of the importance of wearing green on March 17th. If you were the the poor child without green anywhere on your person, you would soon find yourself with a ton of red spots on your arms where you friends pinched you. I wonder if they still do that today? Is there even any significance of getting pinched for not wearing green? Or is it just an excuse to hurt your fellow classmate and be a bully?

I also dressed Princess in green yesterday, just in case.

Yesterday was the first time I tried to cook corned beef and cabbage. I used a prepared corned beef that I picked up at the supermarket. I also cooked some carrots, potatoes, and cabbage.  We enjoyed our corned beef and cabbage with prepared mustard. Yum! Although the taste was good, I think I could’ve cooked the meat a little longer to make it more tender. I’ve come to the conclusion that the setting on my stove that says, “simmer” is to low to really simmer. Oh well, there’s always next year.


Did you enjoy some corned beef and cabbage last night?

P.S. I happened upon Martha Stewart’s corned beef and cabbage on her show yesterday. It looked yummy and really tender. I need to get that recipe!


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