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Wishy Washy March 20, 2009

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Do “bad” things happen in three? If I were superstitious I would really be on a roll!

Here’s why:

1. Our vacuum cleaner died out on us. It was a Hoover upright that we got from Costco maybe 5 years ago.  We made good use of it but I was hoping that it would last longer.

2. Just about 4 weeks ago our computer monitor died out. It just started fading out and turning black with some funky waving in between. It kind of reminded me of a lava lamp. Being offline was difficult for me and Mr. MaD.

3. Just about 2 weeks ago our washing machine died out! Can you believe it! It was a Kenmore Calypso. It was about 6 years old. It has an electronic control panel.  The tub doesn’t have an agitator in the middle so it’s pretty roomy. While trying to start a second load, it just wouldn’t turn on.

calypso1     washbyhand1

So what did I do? Since I needed some clean pajamas for Baby I was forced to wash some by hand.  No fun! Just think that’s probably how my grandparents had to do it years ago. We were able to do a few loads at my MIL’s house.

So we ended up getting a new vacuum cleaner. Living without a vacuum is not a pretty sight especially with 2 little ones. After Mr. MaD did some research, we settled on a Filter Queen canister vacuum. It has great suction and a lifetime warranty. It filters up to 0.3 microns. (If that means anything to you.) It was not cheap but we didn’t want to keep investing in new vacuum cleaners every 5 or so years.

Yes, we did get a new computer monitor. Initially, Mr. MaD asked me if we should get a whole new computer. I emphatically said, “NO!” Although I would love a newer faster model, we just can’t afford it. So we settled upon an Acer monitor that we got from Best Buy for less than $150. It’s great! Living without a monitor for approximately 1 week was so painful! Can you believe how dependent we are on the internet and email!

As for the washing machine, we did some investigation and came up disappointed. Initially I wanted a front load machine, but after reading some many reviews we found out that they have so many problems with leaking or water not draining properly then stinking. We also found out that there was some kind of lawsuit against front loaders. Then we looked in Fisher & Paykel machines. They have a plastic lid which was a little strange. I actually liked most of the reviews but I was disappointed about the size of the wash tub and the difficulty in using bleach in your laundry. Also, I was worried about washing our comforters and blankets in it. Finally, I told Mr. MaD to just get an estimate for fixing our washer.  He  found out that there was a lawsuit against our washer too. Of course we didn’t join in the lawsuit because we didn’t know about it. But as it turns out, if you didn’t participate in the lawsuit, you can get some kind of reimbursement from Sears when you get your machine fixed or even looked at.

I sure hope we can just fix it for minimal cost. This weekend will make 2 weeks of  living without our washing machine.

All of this hasn’t made me superstitious but it has started me thinking that I need to bring in some income into this family!

How has your life been treating you?


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