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A Very Personal Question…Really! March 27, 2009

Filed under: moms,women — middleagedmom @ 4:22 pm

I hate to bring up such a personal question, but frankly I don’t know where else to turn.

As a middleagedmom, I’ve been using Tampax for quite a few years.  A few years ago (maybe 2 or so) they decided to change the design of their tampons. Well, as it turns out this new design is flawed. I won’t get  into details but it is the most uncomfortable product ever. I’ve been looking at a lot of reviews/comments on the web regarding this same issue. I’ve even visited the Tampax to share my “disappointment” (maybe it’s disdain) with their new design.

Why am I sharing my thoughts 2 years after the design change? Well, I had a stash of the old design and I was also pregnant so I didn’t need to try the new design until only recently. Yikes!

So my question is this…does anyone know of another brand that is similar to the old design of Tampax cardboard? I’ve searched high and low for any boxes of the old design but I’ve been unsuccessful.  So, now I am in search of a replacement.



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