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Did I mention I have a pooch? April 9, 2009

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No, not of the canine variety.

My pooch is of the lower abdominal variety! Unfortunately, I haven’t been blessed with the “skinny” gene so weight is always an issue for me. I mentioned before that I lost weight after I gave birth due to nursing but since I have almost stopped nursing the weight has come back. Not as much as I lost but enough to make a difference.

Also, being pregnant with Baby has left it’s mark on my body, let’s call in the pooch. Having such big babies does a number on your body! Princess was over 8 pounds so I did end up with a little pooch but since Baby was over 9 pounds that pooch has grown. Let’s face it…when your doctor comments about how big you’ve become when you’re over 33 weeks pregnant then you know you’re big!

Add to all that the fact them I’m middleaged, then you can really understand why I have a pooch! (Okay, maybe some of you can’t but I hope most of you can.) Supposedly, when you’re older you skin doesn’t have as much elasticity that’s why we don’t “bounce” back like we used to when we were younger.

Less elasticity(middleaged) + big babies + “fat” genes = pooch

So why is this on my mind?

Look around you…it’s almost summer! I’ve been bathing suit shopping. Actually, more like bathing suit searching. I think my perfect suit would emphasize my top half while minimizing my bottom half, esp. the pooch.  I seem to be only seeing suits made for teenagers with bottoms that are oh so skimpy! Yikes, that would scare off anyone.  Take into account that I don’t really want to spend tons of money on a bathing suit, it becomes a near impossible job to find one.

I happened upon the Land’s End catalog and saw some cute suits for people like me (code for tummycontrol mini swim skirt with built in good coverage bikini bottom). The major deterrant to getting things from Land’s End is the price and the shipping. ( I just missed the free shipping, boo hoo!)

Anyone have any recommendations? Land’s End or any other brands?

Are you having more success finding a bathing suit for summer than I am? If so, I’m sure you’ll be enjoying your days at the beach or pool way before I am! Happy Upcoming Summer!


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