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Easter Fun April 24, 2009

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This year we took advantage of multiple opportunities for Easter egg hunts. I decided that maybe Baby would enjoy it this year since she’s older.

Our first Easter Egg hunt was a community event. We made this Easter egg hunt a yearly tradition since Princess was old enough to attend. It was a very windy overcast day so I don’t think Baby was ready to get out of her stroller and find eggs. Add in the fact that she did not have her usualy morning nap. Baby did not pick up one single egg! In fact, she was more interested in watching everyone else pick up eggs, especially her sister. Princess  had a blast. She picked up more than the allowed amount (10) so Mr. MaD had to discreetly return some to the lawn.  (pssst…Baby’s outfit is a hand me down from Princess. It was Princess’ Easter outfit from Gymboree when she was about a year and a half.)

Besides the egg hunt, there were crafts, a fishing game, and pictures with the Easter bunny. We do not take pictures with the Easter bunny because Princess does not like the look of any Easter bunny costume.


 Baby also had the opportunity to participate in an Easter egg hunt for 0-3 year old children. Again, she did not pick up any eggs. In fact, she had no interest in participating at all. She cried and wanted to be carried! That’s what happens when you try to take a toddler to an activity during her nap time.  Yes, she does love her nap time. It’s pretty obvious that she still needs it. I have proof. The movie I took shows her crying the whole time.

1bhegghunt09      3bhegghunt09resize

See this photo above? That’s what happens when you try to take a photo of your child with friends at an activity that has tons of other children. How often has this happened to you? And of course, by the time this little boy got out of the viewfinder, the girls didn’t want anything to do with posing for anymore pictures.  What do you think of  Baby’s cute Easter basket? I found that little felt tulip basket at Target for just about $8. I’m sure if you are a sewer you’re thinking that you could’ve made that basket for less but I don’t own a sewing machine so that would’ve been out of the question.

I so looked forward to this year’s Easter egg hunts hoping that I could get a cute picture of the 2 girls dressed in their adorable Easter outfits. As children go, they have minds of their own and temperments to go along with it. 

So this year, no cute Easter poses of the 2 girls in Easter dresses will be added to their scrapbooks. Then again, these are still memories and stories to be cherished.


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