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Men Have No Clue May 31, 2009

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Men have no clue…well, maybe it’s just single middleaged men.

I have a friend who is a single middleaged man. He is a friend of the family. I’ve actually known him longer than my husband since he is a friend of one of my ex-boyfriends. We chat every once in a while either by phone or email.

Mr. MaD and I have talked to him about God, life, and women. You would think that by now, he would have a clue about women. Okay, maybe I’m being too harsh.  Not!

He recently visited me and Baby to drop off some goodies from a recent trip to Las Vegas. He gifted us with some Bath & Body Works soaps and some yummy snacks for the girls and Mr. MaD. 

Since this was the first time he met Baby, I decided to take their picture together when we met in the front lawn.

As I greet him with Baby in arms, he says to me, “Whoa, you need to color your hair!” (Yes, he did!)

So I say, “Hey, for one thing I’m still  nursing so I can’t color my hair. Secondly, I can’t afford to go to the salon to get it done.”  Then I say, “Geez, is that the only thing you can say when you see me?”

Then he makes a comment about the weight that I lost since he saw me a while ago. I think he was just trying to cover up his earlier comment about all my white hair.

Besides his hair color faux pas, he seems to like to call us at the most inopportune times like early evenings. Usually we don’t answer the phone at that time just because we’re so busy. So he’ll leave a message something like he knows we are home but are not picking up the phone. If you have 2 little children or any children for that matter, you know that the early evening is the busiest time of the day. That’s when you’re trying to finish dinner, dishes, baths, storytime, and bedtime. It’s hectic!

I keep telling Mr. MaD that this friend needs to find a woman and get married and have children. Until then, he will continue to be clueless. Or maybe it’s because he’s so clueless that he’s still single.


Snack Time! May 29, 2009

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Have you tried these snacks?


Or these?

popchips1      veggie straws1

I am a snacker.

Mr. MaD is also a snacker.

Princess  also enjoys her snacks. One of her favorite salty snacks is chips.  In an effort to find some healthier alternatives, I came upon these.

Pop Chips are my favorite right now. These potato chips are popped not fried or baked. They are delicious and crispy. Be careful not to leave them sitting out because they get stale very quickly. I’ve tried the original flavor, salt and pepper, and parmesan garlic.  Mr. MaD and Princess like the original flavor the best.  Pop Chips say that you can find them at Costco although I haven’t noticed them at my Costco.

I also happened to find Potato Crisps from Brothers All Natural. These are similar in texture to the Apple Crisps. My daughter loves the apple crisps so I tried these as a salty snack. I purchased them at Costco. In one box, there are 2 flavors. Original flavor has a light sea salt taste. I mean light. The french onion and garlic has a hint of onion and garlic. Princess at the original flavor and she seemed to like it. For me, the texture was a little to dry and the taste was minimal. If Princess continues to eat it, I will buy it for her. Otherwise, I’ll just stick to the Apple Crisps.

Veggie Straws are delicious! I really like these. Mr. MaD and Princess also like these. Princess actually only likes the potato straws (yellow ones). She gives the green straws (spinach) and the red straws (tomato) to us. I don’t think she can tell the difference in the taste because they all pretty much taste the same. She is just particular about the color. These veggie straws are tasty and crunchy. Their texture is similar to that of baked Cheetoes.

If you happen to stumble upon some other healthy and delicious snacks, please share. I’d love to hear about it!


Following In Her Sister’s Footsteps May 27, 2009

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Baby’s starting early.

One of the Christmas presents the girls received last year was a pair of Crocs. I’ve never bought Crocs for them just because I didn’t think they were too safe to wear.  I also heard that a lot of children get blisters from them.

Ever since Princess opened the Crocs she’s been wearing them around the house. They were actually too big at Christmas so I just kept them out for them to play with.

Just recently, Baby’s become interested in them too. So one day I decided to try and put it on her to see if she could walk in them. Big mistake! She loved them! Now every single day (and I mean every single day) she comes to me and say’s “shoes” and hands me one of her or her sister’s Crocs. I think she just grabs the closest one that she can get her hands on.  So, I get her shoes to put them on her and if I do it too slow, she starts fussing.

As soon as I put them on her, she stands up and starts stomping her feet. Then she proceeds to walk around the whole house wearing her shoes.


She’s a little over a year old and already she’s into shoes! 3 girls in this home make for a huge shoe closet. Yes, in my dreams!


Prayers to Save a Marriage May 26, 2009

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I couldn’t resist posting about Jon & Kate Gosselin. No, it’s not to gossip about them. It’s to remind us that we need to pray for each other and for marriages and families.

After watching the season premiere last night, I was deeply saddened by the whole thing. Their family story struck a chord with me from the beginning because of their issues with infertility. As a mother, I was also amazed at how a family with 8 children could survive and thrive in everyday life. It was a pleasant surprise to know that they also thanked God for the blessings of 8 children.

Mr. MaD was quick to remind me last night that I should not judge them. I agree. I do not know the truth of their situation, only God knows that. Instead, I should show love and compassion towards them and their family. I should pray for God’s protection, peace, and mercy for their marriage and family. I should pray that they seek Godly cousel for their marriage and family. I should pray that they remember their marriage is a covenant made between them and God. Divorce is not an option.

Most importantly, I should treat them the way Christ would treat them.

Today take the time to pray for their marriage. Take the time to pray for your marriage and every other marriage out there. God is listening.


I Blame It On My Mommy Brain

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Today was graduation day at Princess’s preschool. Although Princess was not graduating, all the parents were invited to the ceremony.  The whole class was performing a few songs/dances for the ceremony.

Baby and I arrived a few minutes early so that I could get a decent parking space. I packed up the goodies that I had made for the graduates and I put Baby in the stroller. After settling down into my front row seat, I took out my camera in preparation for the extensive picture taking and video recording that would be taking place. BTW, for some reason hardly any parents wanted to sit in the first row…strange, huh?

I turned on my digital camera and to my dismay this dreaded message appears on the screen:

No Memory Stick

I just about wanted to scream! I thought to myself, “Bad mommy!” “Lame-o!”

I couldn’t believe it! 

I quickly got up and went to the back of the room to call Mr. MaD to inform him of my mess up. His suggestion was to run to the store to pick up another memory stick. Okay, I can understand why he would want me to run to the store which is about 4 blocks away but really. I quickly explained that I was already in the building, got my seat, had all the goodies in tow, not to mention Baby in my arms and the stoller. I did not want to make a run for the store. No I didn’t want to walk the 4 blocks and I didn’t want to get in the car and drive.

I mean what if I left and missed the whole thing! Even if I couldn’t record it for memory keeping, I didn’t want to miss seeing it live.

It was a good thing I didn’t leave because a few minutes after I sat back down the students entered the room. Each child had a little hat on but the graduates had on special handmade graduation caps. Too cute!

Princess and her classmates performed a total of 3 songs and 1 dance. It was the cutest thing ever. They all did such great jobs. I was proud of all of them. After their performance, each graduate got a little diploma from the director.

Although I have no pictures to share, I’m still glad that I went just to see my little girl sing and dance her heart out. Just the smile on her face when she saw me was enough to make it all worth it.

Next time I have to remember to do what I usually do. Make a list and check it twice! I have to blame it on my mommy brain! Why? Because I don’t want to blame it on my age!


Memorial Day 2009 May 25, 2009

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On this Memorial Day, please take the time to remember all those who gave their lives so that we might have the freedoms we enjoy today.

Also, thank those who are serving in the military and those who have served in the military. The really deserve it whether or not you agree with the war.


Almost Family Portrait May 21, 2009

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Besides being a budding musician, Princess is a budding artist. Here’ one of her masterpieces.


She drew this on her Colors Alive Drawing Screen. It’s similar to a magna doodle except this one has rainbow colors. It also includes 3 shape stampers. Whenever she draws something interesting on this, I have to quickly photograph it to document it since it “erases” so quickly.

Can you tell who I am? I’m the one in the middle. Princess is on the left and Mr. MaD is on the right. Mr. Mad didn’t get finished because she was unhappy with her drawing. I guess she didn’t feel the need to include Baby in this family portrait.