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What I Want for Mother’s Day May 5, 2009

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Yesterday Mr. MaD asked me if I wanted to go out to lunch or dinner for Mother’s Day. I know some of you are thinking, “why did he ask?” I suppose he asked because I am not one for surprises. He also knows that I sometimes have my own idea of how I’d like to spend my weekends. He’d rather not risk being wrong.

I told Mr. MaD that I didn’t want to go out to lunch or dinner for Mother’s Day. I really don’t want to spend the money on a “fancy” meal, esp. in these budget-conscious times.

Instead of a “fancy” meal, I requested that things get done around the house. You know, the infamous “honey do” list. I don’t really consider the list to be too long but then again it’s my list not his. I have to say that some of the things have been on the list a little longer than I’d like but I try very hard not to nag.

So, here’s a few things on my list:

  • Buy empty spray bottles and make 50/50 solution of clorox and water for cleaning/disinfecting.
  • Put away the girl’s Easter baskets into the containers on the upper shelf in the closet.
  • Research and possibly purchase some sporicidin wipes to clean mold in the bathroom. (I read that these leave a film effective for 6 months to keep mold away and they’re pretty safe to use too.)
  • Move our extra bed back into the other room. (We moved it for my mom who stayed with us for awhile when she was recovering from a serious illness.)
  • Purge and reorganize to donate unused items to charity
  • Recaulk the spare bathroom sink
  • Repair our vinyl floor in the kitchen (He already repaired the transition to the dining room)

Okay, so these are a few things on my list.  Believe me there’s more. Some of these things a little things but they would make my life a little easier. He recently got a few other things done from the list so I’m happy about that.

We’ll see how many more things get done in the near future. I hope Mother’s Day is an incentive.

So, what’s on your Mother’s Day wish list?