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Tech Unsavvy! May 11, 2009

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I’ve been doing some research about the benefits of I can’t decide whether I should self-host or not. For one thing I consider myself a newbie when it comes to all things blogging.

Secondly, isn’t it true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Let’s face it, being middleaged has it’s disadvantages when it comes to tech issues. Not to mention that I’m currently a stay at home mom who hasn’t used technology in the workplace for a few years now. I mean I do know how to use a bunch of computer programs but when it comes to SLR cameras, digital cameras, digital scrapbooking, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, web design, CSS, etc. I am LOST!

One of the benefits that I like about self-hosting is that you can design your own blog or at least have some control over modifying the design of your blog. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

But I’m wondering if the cons outweigh the pros, esp. for the tech unsavvy. I mean do I need to learn CSS or html or xtml? I actually do know a little bit of html just because I used MS Frontpage in one of my previous jobs. Then again, I’ve forgotten a lot. Also, I’ve read a lot about backing up your own blog if you’re self-hosting. I’m not sure how to do that. What about tech support? Will I have enough?

Then there’s the cost issue. Buying a domain name can be reasonable, if your domain name is available.  Then finding a reliable web hosting provider with a  hosting plan that is within my budget. I know. It’s tough to have a budget when you’re not working.

Then there’s the hardware issue. Do I have enough storage and memory on my old computer to be able to do all this?

It’s starting to weigh heavily on my shoulders. Any good advice would be appreciated.


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