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Blogging Anonymity May 12, 2009

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I think all bloggers ask themselves how much is too much. How much should I reveal and how much should I keep private?

I struggle with that question every single time I post. I think of myself as a pretty private person. So why blog? Well, I first started just to vent and to “talk” to someone.  When you’re a new mom at home with an infant, you sometimes feel alone in babyland, esp. in the first few weeks and months.  I’m not even sure how it stared. I think I accidentally found a blog and started reading. Then I thought to myself, “Hey, I could do this.”

Eventually, I found a bunch of other mommy blogs to follow.  A lot were anonymous like me. Many were what I refer to as public mom who use their real names and share their identifiable personal photos for the world to see. I always wondered how they decided to go public, esp. with children in the mix.

Being a private person and a little paranoid, I made the decision to be anonymous.  I don’t use my real name or the real names of my family members. I try to be very careful how I share my personal photos online.  Sometimes being anonymous makes it difficult to tell a story but in the interest of protecting my family and friends, I make adjustments. Interestingly enough, in my real life a lot of people would say that I’m pretty social and outgoing. In fact, most people I know would consider me outgoing.

I’ve noticed that as time goes on some of the mommy bloggers ( and have decided to shut down their blogs in the interest of privacy. I guess after a while you feel like your life is an open book for the whole world to see. Kinda like being on a reality show, huh? These same mommy bloggers don’t necessarily stop blogging because they seem to blog at other sites, they just shut down their personal blogs. 

So when is enough enough?


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