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I Blame It On My Mommy Brain May 26, 2009

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Today was graduation day at Princess’s preschool. Although Princess was not graduating, all the parents were invited to the ceremony.  The whole class was performing a few songs/dances for the ceremony.

Baby and I arrived a few minutes early so that I could get a decent parking space. I packed up the goodies that I had made for the graduates and I put Baby in the stroller. After settling down into my front row seat, I took out my camera in preparation for the extensive picture taking and video recording that would be taking place. BTW, for some reason hardly any parents wanted to sit in the first row…strange, huh?

I turned on my digital camera and to my dismay this dreaded message appears on the screen:

No Memory Stick

I just about wanted to scream! I thought to myself, “Bad mommy!” “Lame-o!”

I couldn’t believe it! 

I quickly got up and went to the back of the room to call Mr. MaD to inform him of my mess up. His suggestion was to run to the store to pick up another memory stick. Okay, I can understand why he would want me to run to the store which is about 4 blocks away but really. I quickly explained that I was already in the building, got my seat, had all the goodies in tow, not to mention Baby in my arms and the stoller. I did not want to make a run for the store. No I didn’t want to walk the 4 blocks and I didn’t want to get in the car and drive.

I mean what if I left and missed the whole thing! Even if I couldn’t record it for memory keeping, I didn’t want to miss seeing it live.

It was a good thing I didn’t leave because a few minutes after I sat back down the students entered the room. Each child had a little hat on but the graduates had on special handmade graduation caps. Too cute!

Princess and her classmates performed a total of 3 songs and 1 dance. It was the cutest thing ever. They all did such great jobs. I was proud of all of them. After their performance, each graduate got a little diploma from the director.

Although I have no pictures to share, I’m still glad that I went just to see my little girl sing and dance her heart out. Just the smile on her face when she saw me was enough to make it all worth it.

Next time I have to remember to do what I usually do. Make a list and check it twice! I have to blame it on my mommy brain! Why? Because I don’t want to blame it on my age!


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