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Following In Her Sister’s Footsteps May 27, 2009

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Baby’s starting early.

One of the Christmas presents the girls received last year was a pair of Crocs. I’ve never bought Crocs for them just because I didn’t think they were too safe to wear.  I also heard that a lot of children get blisters from them.

Ever since Princess opened the Crocs she’s been wearing them around the house. They were actually too big at Christmas so I just kept them out for them to play with.

Just recently, Baby’s become interested in them too. So one day I decided to try and put it on her to see if she could walk in them. Big mistake! She loved them! Now every single day (and I mean every single day) she comes to me and say’s “shoes” and hands me one of her or her sister’s Crocs. I think she just grabs the closest one that she can get her hands on.  So, I get her shoes to put them on her and if I do it too slow, she starts fussing.

As soon as I put them on her, she stands up and starts stomping her feet. Then she proceeds to walk around the whole house wearing her shoes.


She’s a little over a year old and already she’s into shoes! 3 girls in this home make for a huge shoe closet. Yes, in my dreams!


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