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Snack Time! May 29, 2009

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Have you tried these snacks?


Or these?

popchips1      veggie straws1

I am a snacker.

Mr. MaD is also a snacker.

Princess  also enjoys her snacks. One of her favorite salty snacks is chips.  In an effort to find some healthier alternatives, I came upon these.

Pop Chips are my favorite right now. These potato chips are popped not fried or baked. They are delicious and crispy. Be careful not to leave them sitting out because they get stale very quickly. I’ve tried the original flavor, salt and pepper, and parmesan garlic.  Mr. MaD and Princess like the original flavor the best.  Pop Chips say that you can find them at Costco although I haven’t noticed them at my Costco.

I also happened to find Potato Crisps from Brothers All Natural. These are similar in texture to the Apple Crisps. My daughter loves the apple crisps so I tried these as a salty snack. I purchased them at Costco. In one box, there are 2 flavors. Original flavor has a light sea salt taste. I mean light. The french onion and garlic has a hint of onion and garlic. Princess at the original flavor and she seemed to like it. For me, the texture was a little to dry and the taste was minimal. If Princess continues to eat it, I will buy it for her. Otherwise, I’ll just stick to the Apple Crisps.

Veggie Straws are delicious! I really like these. Mr. MaD and Princess also like these. Princess actually only likes the potato straws (yellow ones). She gives the green straws (spinach) and the red straws (tomato) to us. I don’t think she can tell the difference in the taste because they all pretty much taste the same. She is just particular about the color. These veggie straws are tasty and crunchy. Their texture is similar to that of baked Cheetoes.

If you happen to stumble upon some other healthy and delicious snacks, please share. I’d love to hear about it!


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