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Men Have No Clue May 31, 2009

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Men have no clue…well, maybe it’s just single middleaged men.

I have a friend who is a single middleaged man. He is a friend of the family. I’ve actually known him longer than my husband since he is a friend of one of my ex-boyfriends. We chat every once in a while either by phone or email.

Mr. MaD and I have talked to him about God, life, and women. You would think that by now, he would have a clue about women. Okay, maybe I’m being too harsh.  Not!

He recently visited me and Baby to drop off some goodies from a recent trip to Las Vegas. He gifted us with some Bath & Body Works soaps and some yummy snacks for the girls and Mr. MaD. 

Since this was the first time he met Baby, I decided to take their picture together when we met in the front lawn.

As I greet him with Baby in arms, he says to me, “Whoa, you need to color your hair!” (Yes, he did!)

So I say, “Hey, for one thing I’m still  nursing so I can’t color my hair. Secondly, I can’t afford to go to the salon to get it done.”  Then I say, “Geez, is that the only thing you can say when you see me?”

Then he makes a comment about the weight that I lost since he saw me a while ago. I think he was just trying to cover up his earlier comment about all my white hair.

Besides his hair color faux pas, he seems to like to call us at the most inopportune times like early evenings. Usually we don’t answer the phone at that time just because we’re so busy. So he’ll leave a message something like he knows we are home but are not picking up the phone. If you have 2 little children or any children for that matter, you know that the early evening is the busiest time of the day. That’s when you’re trying to finish dinner, dishes, baths, storytime, and bedtime. It’s hectic!

I keep telling Mr. MaD that this friend needs to find a woman and get married and have children. Until then, he will continue to be clueless. Or maybe it’s because he’s so clueless that he’s still single.


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