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Parking Privilege? June 4, 2009

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I happened to park near this car at the mall.


Notice the left side of the car?


Now here’s the right side of the car.

I think it was a Land Rover.

Yes, this person somehow believed he/she had the right to take up 2 parking spaces in the parking lot.  Not to mention that these stalls were in the shaded area of the mall. Is that some parking privilege or what?

I wonder why people feel they have a right to take up more than one parking space. Don’t they ever think that someone else might want/need that parking space? Do they think that  their car is so precious?

Is this an example of the “ME” generation? I’d say it is a good example. It surely doesn’t demonstrate consideration for others.  Frankly, it saddens me to see people  whose actions are inconsiderate of others. I didn’t say that the person was inconsiderate but their actions were.

I hope when my girls grow up they will be considerate of other people. I hope and pray that they don’t get caught up in the “ME” mentality. Instead, I hope they always think of others before themselves. I hope they are kind, considerate, and compassionate.