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Oh So Scared! July 1, 2009

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Last week  I had one of the scariest days of my life!

Baby and I went on an outing to the zoo. It was a nice day to be out and about. Baby was excited from the beginning when she saw the birds flying around. We did our usual route checking out the elephants, giraffes, zebras, rhino, hippo, etc. She especially enjoyed the monkeys since they were so noisy.

 We also went to the petting zoo for a quick walk through. It was very crowded with families and summer school students. Baby had a blast looking at the animals and all the children running around.

After a snack break, I decided to leave since Baby was getting tired. One of the things that she enjoys doing right now is walking. She actually walked around the zoo more than her sister did at the same age. She also doesn’t want to hold my hand while walking.

So we started walking towards the exit of the zoo. Baby was walking beside me as I pushed the stroller. She had a great big smile on her face. Just behind us was a family of about 5 people.

In an instant, Baby decided to turn around and walk the opposite direction. I looked down then looked back and saw her walking away. So I quickly turned around to get her. At the same time, a girl from the family behind us said, “O-Oh”.

Then it happened.

Baby walked right into the legs of the teenage boy. He wasn’t looking either.

Boom! She fell straight back onto the sidewalk! Yes, even her head hit the ground! It was like I was watching a movie in slow motion. You know it’s happening but you can’t do anything about it. The family was the first to pick her up since she was in the middle of their group. Then I scooped her us as she wailed uncontrollably. I felt her head for a bump and looked for any cuts. There were none.

The next thing that came to my mind was a head injury. Could she have a concussion? The family was concerned and gathered around us as we sat on a nearby bench. I told them that she would be fine. I consoled her until she stopped crying.

Inside, I was worried sick.

I quickly put her back in the stroller and walked out of the zoo. As soon as we exited the zoo, I called the doctor. I wanted to know what kinds of signs I should be looking for in case of a serious head injury. I also called Mr. MaD.

When the nurse called, she asked if Baby was walking funny like she was drunk or if she seemed extra tired. She also said to watch if she throws up. I told her that Baby was already napping  so she told me to try and wake her up. If she stirs and wakes up then she should be okay. If she doesn’t want to wake up at all ,then I should take her to emergency. She also told me to watch her for the next 2 days or so.

After I got off the phone I quickly went to Baby’s room and rubbed her leg. She stirred and moved around so I felt so much better!

When Mr. MaD got home, I filled him in on what the nurse told me. Baby was already getting up from her nap. Mr. MaD decided to call the doctor himself and asked to bring Baby in just in case.

The doctor looked Baby over. He checked for a bump on her head. He asked if she cried right away or did she go unconscious first. I said that she cried right away. He also checked her reflexes. She was alert and very active. That was a good sign! He told us to watch her for unstable walking (like being drunk), extra tiredness, and vomiting more than once. If we see any of those symptoms, we should take her to emergency right away. He also instructed us to wake her every 2-3 hours throughout the night. After about 36 hours of being symptom free, Baby should be fine.  He reassured us that falling from Baby’s height is not as bad as falling from a higher height (like the bed or from my height).

Baby did fine at night. The next day she was back to her active self. I was so relieved that she was okay. I have never felt so scared in my life. Nothing like this ever happened to Princess so I was not prepared for it. I also felt a lot of guilt for not being right there by her side or not watching her more carefully. I prayed so hard for everything to be okay. I thank God that Baby was fine. I know that God was watching over her.


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