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surviving motherhood in the “middle ages”

My Age is Catching Up to Me! July 3, 2009

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I know my age is catching up to me. The evidence is mounting.

Evidence #1 – Increase in concealer use

Last weekend I was getting ready to go to a graduation party and started applying my makeup. As I looked in the mirror I noticed that my wrinkles and lines looked deeper and my dark circles looked darker.  I quickly searched in my makeup bag for my concealer and began applying it on my forehead to lessen those frown lines between the eyebrows. Then I applied it on the sides of my nose and in those deep crevices on the sides of my mouth. No, they’re not smile lines they’re the edge of my sagging chubby cheeks. Then more concealer under my eyes. Then more on any blemishes or dark spots on my face. Whew! Should I have just applied concealer to my whole face?

Evidence #2 – Bifocals

This week I gave in. I decided to get bifocals. It was too much of a hassle to have to put on reading glasses everytime I needed to read something. Last week I was shopping at Whole Foods and I couldn’t even read the ingredients on a box because I forgot my reading glasses at home. My doctor assures me that everyone at “my age” have difficulty reading without a visual aid (aka: reading glasses).  He says he can almost predict what strength glasses I need because of my age. That’s scary!

Evidence #3 – The family car is a  mini van.

Yes, we finally got a van. When I was younger, I always said I would never drive a van. Don’t most young women say that. I mean driving a van is a symbol of motherhood, but what kind of motherhood? Soccer mom? Do the cool moms drive vans or not? After having my first child, I thought I could get by with my “crossover” SUV. Now after having 2 children, I realize how much easier it is with a van, especially one with automatic sliding doors. Not to mention, dealing with an aging parent who sometimes need to ride with my family. Often we would have to take 2 cars to go somewhere if my mother came along. Now, we have all the space in the world to carry a family of 4 including all our children’s stuff and any other passengers who tag along. Even if I succumbed to the mini van, I still told Mr. MaD to please take care of my “baby” (my SUV) since he’ll be driving that now.  Boo, hoo, hoo!

My sense of practicality is certainly overriding my vanity these days!

So now it’s official. I am certainly smack dab in the middle of being middleaged!  So yes, I am middleaged but please don’t call me OLD!


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