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Health Watch – My Numbers July 10, 2009

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Do you know your important numbers? I recently had a blood test to check my thyroid among other things.  A while ago, my doctor informed me that I had an enlarged thyroid.  I had to get a blood test done and an ultrasound to make sure it  wasn’t a tumor (cancer).  That was about a year or so ago. Recently I had another ultrasound and there weren’t any significant changes to my thyroid. That’s a good sign. My blood test also showed that my thyroid was functioning properly.

Besides my thyroid, another important part of the blood test was my glucose levels. If you’ve had gestational diabetes during pregnancy, then you know that you should get your glucose level tested regularly because you are at higher risk of getting adult-onset diabetes. My glucose levels were 89! Hooray! My doctor said that it had to be <99.  Of course, I should still eat healthily and exercise too.  I know I need to do better with both of those areas.

As for my cholesterol, those numbers were good also. My total cholesterol was 147. My HDL (healthy cholesterol) was 57. That should be >50. I think I can boost that up by reducing the amount of unhealthy fats in my diet and exercising more. I just mentioned to Mr. MaD that we should start eating more meatless meals every week. My LDL (lousy cholesterol) was 70. That should be <130. My triglycerides were 99. That should be <150.

Having that blood test makes me feel better about my health. I know that I still need to take better care of myself but at least I have some encouragement now. My hardest challenge is cutting back on sweets and junk food.

How are your numbers?


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