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Princess’s Potty Training Progress July 14, 2009

Warning: This post may contain graphic information pertaining to potty training. Be warned!

Okay, so we had a late start potty training with Princess but it’s going so well that I’m happy we waited.

It’s not like we didn’t try earlier. We did. Princess would have none of it. We got her the potty dvd and the Baby Bjorn potty. She like both of them but it didn’t encourage her to go to the potty. I even got her some really cute undies from Gymboree but she still wasn’t interested.

Then about 6 months ago, we finally decided we needed her to get on the potty. So Mr. MaD go her a Baby Bjorn potty trainer. At first, she didn’t want to sit on it. Then I had the answer! Yes, it’s called bribery! I grabbed the container of Trader Joe’s organic lollipops that a friend gave us and I offered it to Princess. That did it! She sat on the potty. That’s about all she did. Sit. After a few weeks of sitting with lollipops and drinking milk or juice on the potty, she finally decided she could use the bathroom. We were so happy and we praised her like crazy!

From that point on, we made every effort to take her to the potty at regular times. Then a few times we offered her undies. She wore them a few times but had accidents. Then she didn’t want anything to do with them. Every time we asked her to put on undies, she refused.

Then last week Wednesday her preschool teacher said that Princess was staying dry in her pull ups. She was even dry at nap time for the most part. Her suggestion was to have Princess start coming to school in undies. Whew! I couldn’t believe it. So on Wednesday night I brought out all her undies and told her that she was going to wear one to school the next day. At first she said, “no” but then I hyped up how cute the undies were. I asked her to pick the one she wanted to wear to school. She picked the purple one.

The next morning (Thursday) she put on the undie without any fussing. I sent her to school with 3 extra undies. I was so anxious to see how she did. When she came home from school, I saw her in her extra clothes and I saw Mr. MaD carrying her dirty clothes in a plastic bag. Mr. MaD informed me that she had only 1 accident after nap time. What? I couldn’t believe it. My heart jumped for joy and I couldn’t stop praising her. My little Princess was growing up.

Over the next few days, she only had 1 or 2 little accidents. At home, we continue to ask her if she has to go to the potty at regular intervals and when we see her tugging at her undies. The great part is that she has started to say that she has to go to the potty and gets up and walks toward the bathroom. I am so very proud of her.  We’ve been praising her like crazy!

There are a couple of areas that she still needs encouragement with. She is terribly afraid of the adult sized toilets. At preschool, they have child sized toilets and at home we use the potty trainer. This weekend we went to the mall and I took Princess to the potty. She was so afraid of the toilet that she was clinging on to me for dear life. I carried her on the toilet and held on to her. She clung on the whole time.  I praised her for going on the “big” toilet. 

She is also afraid to poop on the potty. Since she has worn undies, she hasn’t pooped in them. We’ve been able to get her to the potty when she shows signs that she needs to go. Then she sits on the potty for a very long time. I can tell that she is hesitant. Then when she’s done, she doesn’t want to come off. I have to tell her that she did a great job and tell her I’ll help her get off. After she’s done and clean, she refuses to look into the toilet. She doesn’t want to flush it either. She will only look and say goodbye to her poop after I flush it and the lid is down.

I remind myself that she has progressed so far in this 1 week. I think she’s done incredibly well. I mean she only had 2-3 accidents. That’s amazing to me!

I am a proud parent! I do think that things wouldn’t have been so smooth had we forced her to potty train earlier. I believe that Princess had to be ready to do it. I am also glad that she attends a preschool that is willing to let children potty train when they are developmentally ready instead of forcing them to do it when they can’t.

I don’t think there’s such a thing as overpraising! I am always willing to give praise when it’s well deserved. I’m happy. More importantly, Princess is happy!

P.S. I’m sure one day in the future Princess will be so mad at me that I posted about her potty training. I’ll remind her that it’s all part of growing up. Okay, maybe not the part about sharing her progress for the whole world to see.


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