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Crocs May Become Extinct July 16, 2009

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I just read this article about Crocs at The Washington Post.

Everywhere I look I see children and adults wearing Crocs. Most children are wearing the Crocs shoes with little embellishments on them. I see a lot of adults wearing either the shoes or the flip flops.

The interesting thing about the article is that one of the reasons that Crocs may soon be gone is because of it’s durability. During these tough economic times, people just aren’t spending money on a lot of extras. So why would we buy another pair of  Crocs (even if we want another color) if they are in such good condition. 

My girls have 1 pair of Crocs each. That’s it!


Isn’t it funny (well, maybe scary) that one of Croc’s biggest selling points may now be it’s biggest downfall.

Another one bites the dust?


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