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Daddy Doesn’t Do Fashion July 17, 2009

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Mr. MaD (aka “daddy”) doesn’t do fashion. I don’t know about your husband but mine is clueless when it comes to dressing his girls.

Here’s the evidence:

  • When Princess was about 8 months old, Mr. Mad put her in a little onesie that had embroidered flowers on one side, obviously the front. Okay, maybe it was only obvious to me. Well, Mr. MaD didn’t think anything was wrong with it when he put the side with the flowers on her backside. I said, “You put that on backwards!” Mr. MaD said, “Why, what’s wrong with it?” I said, “The flowers go in the front.” Mr. MaD said, “Oh? I couldn’t tell.”
Princess in her backwards outfit.

Princess in her backwards outfit.

  • Just recently, Princess came home from school and I noticed that the neckline of her shirt was right up at her neck. Then I peeked in her shirt and it was backwards. Mr. MaD happened to dress her that morning. I said, “Princess’s shirt is on backwards.”  Mr. MaD, “Oh, I couldn’t tell that it was backwards.” I said, “Just look at how high it is up on her neck. It’s practically choking her.” Mr. MaD laughs. Okay  just to give  him the benefit of the doubt, it was a shirt without a “label” tag. It was one of those shirts with the iron on type label. So it did actually have a “label”.
  • This morning I had an early doctor appointment so Mr. MaD had to get Princess ready for school. I had already put out her clothes so he didn’t have to choose that. It was an outfit that you could obviously tell the front from the back. That wasn’t the problem.  The night before Mr. MaD tells me, “Should we wake Princess up early (almost 30 minutes earlier)?” I say, “Why does she have to get up so early?” Mr. MaD says, “So you can do her ponytails.” Okay, her ponytails are not that complicated. He’s seen me do it a million times. Okay, a million is an exaggeration. But you get the gist. So I say, “All you have to do is divide her hair in the back and ponytail each side. Add some gel so her hair stays in place. Then you’re done.”
  • He’s dressed Baby in an outfit backwards too! Lucky thing he hardly has to dress her.

There are similar examples that I don’t have to list. I’m sure you know what I mean by now. Some might say it’s my fault since I tend to do everything. Then again, it isn’t like he hasn’t seen me dress them before. But like they looking and seeing are 2 different things. He’s been looking but he hasn’t really been seeing!


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