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surviving motherhood in the “middle ages”

So I’m Overprotective August 12, 2009

Last night I was stressed out about Princess’s upcoming field trip (today).


I guess it’s because I’m an overprotective mother. No, it’s confirmed. I am overprotective. Mr. MaD confirmed it last night and today my cousin confirmed it when I talked to her about it.

Initially, I wasn’t going to allow Princess to go on this field trip. So we only decided last night to let her go after she mentioned that she wanted to go to school tomorrow and wear her school shirt. Her preschool class was going to see the Disney movie G-Force. It was partly a celebration since today would be the last day for one of her teacher’s aides. I wasn’t sure if it made sense to allow her to see this movie since it seemed to be geared for older children. I only saw part of the trailer and it’s about some guinea pigs who are secret agents. I didn’t think that Princess would understand the plot of the story so I didn’t really want to shell out the $8 for the movie.  Just to be sure I showed Princess the movie trailer and she said she wanted to see the movie.

Another reason why I didn’t want her to attend was because she is still potty training and she is deathly afraid of “grown-up” toilets. At home, she uses a potty training seat. Just last week she rushed to sit on the toilet and she fell right in! Yes, her bottom was soaking wet. She had a look of horror on her face that I will not forget.

Also, we (the parents) were instructed to pack a brown bag lunch that could be disposed of when done. Okay so maybe I’m a little paranoid about food poisoning, but I didn’t really want to pack a lunch without an ice pack. After reading some safe food packing tips for bento on Lunch in a Box, I was more concerned. I knew I wouldn’t really be able to pack a bento since I didn’t really have any disposable “bento” containers and I didn’t really have any appropriate leftovers. So what did I do? I packed her lunch in zip top bags and a plastic grocery bag then I put it in a cooler with an ice pack. I told Mr. MaD to tell the teacher to take her lunch out of the ice chest before they leave for the field trip.

I even decided to send Mr. MaD to school with a list of concerns (2) and a list of questions about the field trip (2).

At that point, Mr. MaD confirmed that I was overprotective. He said that I need to let her go and I need to relax. Relax? How can I relax when it comes to my daughter…my first baby, my Princess?!

After all the hype about the field trip, Mr. MaD called me this morning to tell me that the field trip had to be cancelled because of the weather. Whew, for now!  He told me that the field trip was rescheduled for next week.

I wonder if I can attribute my overprotectiveness to being middleaged? Good excuse, huh?

Overprotective Mothers Anonymous here I come!


2 Responses to “So I’m Overprotective”

  1. Shadow's Mom Says:

    Pretty funny stuff . . . but in all seriousness, I can relate to being somewhat overprotective too, maybe not as much as you. Is it being middle-aged? Just remember that Princess will always be your “princess” & that you will always be there for her to protect, support, and love her! You are just being her “mother”.

  2. middleagedmom Says:

    I think if I were a younger mom, maybe I’d be more “carefree”? Maybe it’s just my personality…always trying to be in control of everything!

    Geez, maybe I need to start my own chapter of Overprotective Mothers Anonymous.

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