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Sole Authority August 20, 2009

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Last weekend we decided it was time to get new shoes for Princess and Baby. So off we went to our neighborhood Payless Shoe store.

At first Baby didn’t want to try on any shoes, so she protested when I tried to remove her old shoes or when I tried to show her a new pair of shoes.  I decided that it would be best to wait until we found some shoes for Princess.

Princess was eager to look at shoes. Her eyes and hands went straight for the gold “patent leather” sandals! Funny! I explained that she could try those on but we weren’t getting them for school. She pranced around the store for a while in the the gold sandals then willingly took them off. I showed her a pair of pink sneakers and a pair of  brown sneakers and asked her which one she’d like to try on. She immediately pointed to the pink ones.   I secretly cheered when she picked the pink ones. I told her that the pink ones were so pretty.  

Here’s the pair of shoes that Princess picked.

Princess's shoes

Princess continued to try on some other shoes that she picked on her own. Isn’t she such a girl? Who doesn’t love to try on shoes?

After seeing Princess try on all those shoes, Baby decided she would be willing to try on some shoes too. So I picked out the same cute pair of pink sneakers and handed them to Mr. MaD. While he put them on Baby, I left the store to take Princess to the potty. Just before leaving I told Mr. MaD to try on the brown Dora shoes just in case it was easier to put on or easier to wear. I explained that the brown shoes were a little softer.

When we returned to the store, I noticed that Baby had the brown shoes on. I asked Mr. MaD what happened with the shoe fitting. He explained that we should get a 1/2 size bigger since it would be easier to put on. Not too mention that toddler’s feet seem to grow so fast. I asked him how the pink shoes compared to the brown ones. He said that the brown ones were softer but the pink ones were fine too. We decided to get the pink ones for Baby so that it would match Princess.  Mr. MaD wanted Baby to put the pink shoes on to show me how it fit.  As he began removing the brown shoes, Baby started pushing his hands away and grumbling big time! Mr. MaD removed one side of the brown shoes and Baby began screaming! Yes, screaming in Payless shoe store. He tried to get the pink shoe on her foot but she kept pulling her foot away and pushing his hand away with her hand. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Could this toddler of 1.5 years be so darn picky? Yes! She knew exactly which pair of shoes she wanted and she did not want us to make her change. After a few minutes of fussing, crying, and fighting, I told Mr. MaD to just let her wear those brown shoes.

I wouldn’t have matching cute pink shoes for my girls.

We relented and decided to get the brown Dora shoes for Baby. I told Mr. MaD that I didn’t want to “fight “with Baby about her shoes every single day.  I may have to start calling her “the Queen” since she thinks she’s the boss.

So, here are the brown Dora shoes that Baby insisted on having.

Baby's shoes

I’ve learned that you have to know which battles to win and which battles to lose! I certainly lost this one.


2 Responses to “Sole Authority”

  1. Daisey Says:

    Love the baby girl dora shoes? Where did you get those?

  2. middleagedmom Says:

    The shoes are from Payless Shoe Stores. She just adores those shoes. I tried looking for a pair in a bigger size but couldn’t find it. I really like to buy at Payless since they grow out of them so fast. They also get their shoes so dirty.

    Thanks for commenting.

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