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From Your Lips…But Not to My Ears August 27, 2009

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One of the first words that ever came out of my children’s mouths was “daddy”! Yes, they love their daddy!

I wonder why it is that “daddy” is so easy for them to say. Okay, I’m not a linguist or a speech pathologist so I don’t know the little intricacies of how the mouth, tongue, etc work when it comes to speech and language.

But from my point of view, the point of view of a stay at home mom, why can’t they learn to say “mommy” first? Let’s get real here. Am I not the one who bonded with them from the very beginning. The one who spoke to them and sang to them when they were still in my womb. The one who breastfed them for over a year of their lives. The one who spent endless hours carrying them to soothe them and help them get to sleep. The one who spends 24 hours a day 7 days a week taking care of them. The one who takes them to music class, art class, and other fun activities.

I’m starting to feel taken for granted! Not really. But I am still waiting to hear Baby say the word “mommy”.

Tonight I had to go out to visit a girlfriend’s father in the hospital.  When I left the house, Baby was crying and very upset. Mr. MaD said she kept crying most of the night and she kept walking to the front door. Poor thing!

Although her crying made my heart sink, that’s not the worst of it. Mr. MaD informed me that Baby was signing “mommy” and saying “mommy”  while crying. She even did it more than once!

I couldn’t believe it! I said to Mr. MaD, “She was saying mommy?” He replied, “Yes, and signing it too.”

I have never heard her say “mommy” or seen her sign “mommy” once to my face.  I have heard her say “maa…maa”  a few times while crying in her crib for me to take her out. But that only happened a few times. 

 Why is it that she can say “mommy” and sign “mommy” when I’m not around?  I will surely be celebrating when I hear those long awaited words come out of her mouth.

Tell me about your experience. Did your child say “daddy” or “mommy” first?


2 Responses to “From Your Lips…But Not to My Ears”

  1. Shadow's Mom Says:

    What do you think? . . . . . . . . DADDY! Only recently has my little bubba says the golden words every mother wants to hear, “MOMMY”!

  2. middleagedmom Says:

    Wow! How nice it must be to hear the words “mommy” come out of your precious child’s mouth!

    When will it be MY turn?

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