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Letting Go is Hard to Do August 27, 2009

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As a parent, I often struggle with the idea of “letting go” of my children. Remember I’m the overprotective mommy.

When Princess started preschool, it was difficult to let her go. I was worried about her being by herself  in a new environment. I was worried about how she would make her needs known to a teacher who didn’t really know her. I was worried about how she would “get along” with other children. I was worried about her eating lunch and taking a nap at school. Let’s face it. I was worried about everything.

As it turned out, her preschool had a great transition period. It not only made it easier for Princess on the first official day of preschool but it helped me alleviate a lot of the fears that I was carrying around.

Just think in just about a year, my little Princess will be starting Kindergarten. As far as I know, there really isn’t a transition period for Kindergarten. Okay, maybe a half day or so in the first week so that the students can get tested, so I hear. I know that it will be a huge step towards growing up for Princess and for me.

If you’re like me in this struggle to “let go” of your child, you may enjoy this letter written by a mom to her son on his first day of Kindergarten. It was so heart warming and brought a tear to my eye.

This was one of my favorite parts:

Once I expressed my own hesitations about school to a teacher acquaintance. Her advice stuck with me: The hardest part of releasing you to elementary school — or any new experience — is realizing that I must give you up to the less-than-perfect world that awaits you.

 I don’t think it gets easier as the grow older and transition to different phases of their lives. I know that I’ll probably always struggle with the idea of “letting go” of my girls. I also know that writing a letter like this and putting it into their Letter Box will not only help them but it will help me let go. (See my previous post about the Letter Box.)


2 Responses to “Letting Go is Hard to Do”

  1. Shadow's Mom Says:

    I always have to deal with pride and doing things the right way (in my mind) in my life . . . so remembering to “Let go and let God” is a good reminder that no matter how hard I try to control situations, it’s always God that has total control whether I like it or not. We’ve lifed and are still living in this not-so-perfect-world and doing fine, our kids will be fine too! ;o)

  2. middleagedmom Says:

    You’re right…letting go would be much easier if I put my trust in God. It’s so hard to trust God for everything. I’m still learning.

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