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Speaking of Bath Time September 23, 2009

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Did you hear about this? It’s absurd.

I can’t believe that some innocent photos could lead to such disruption in a family. I know many families who have photos of their children taking a bath or playing in the bath. It’s a big deal, especially with your first child and their first bath. I mean we even have a photo of Princess getting her first “bath” in the hospital after being born.

If you’re a scrapbooker, then you know that many scrapbooking products for baby pages include a bath time item…a sticker, an embellishment, a template, etc. Why do you suppose companies make them? It’s because bath time is a milestone for most children, esp. their first bath as an infant and then later as they graduate to the big tub. It’s also usually a fun time for toddlers and children when they realize it’s just like water play.

The thing that bugs me the most about this story is that it got so out of control. First off, why did the Wal-Mart employee even report it? Secondly, why did the police even make a case out of it? Didn’t they even do a little investigation before charging the parents and taking away the children? I can’t believe the state of Arizona could even spend the time and money on this family.

Don’t they have better more important things to do…like catch some real sex offenders?

The mother got suspended from her job for a year. The children got taken away for one month! The parents are now on a sex offender registry. That is simply ridiculous! Supposedly Wal-Mart settled out of court but it’s too late. The family is scarred for life, especially the children. Frankly, no amount of money is going to give them back the life they had as they knew it.

It really upsets me when I hear stories about real sex offenders out in the community breaking the law (Jaycee Dugard kidnapping) and re-offending.

Are we getting so paranoid that we are willing to subject innocent people to such hardship? I believe in being cautious but I also believe in being rationale.