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Can’t Get Enough of Brown Bear November 9, 2009

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My children love the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle. They enjoy reading it and having it read to them.

Before naps and at night, Baby picks up her Brown Bear board book and takes it to her room.

The girls also enjoy reading and retelling the story with their Brown Bear flannel board animals.

brown bear animals

Then I found this!

brown bear fabrics

Aren’t these fabrics cute? Well, I decided to use them to make a blanket and pillow for both girls. I’m so excited and I hope they will be too!

I’ll post some pictures when I’m done with the pillows and blankets.


3 Responses to “Can’t Get Enough of Brown Bear”

  1. 1LuvnMama Says:

    So, you’ve been in the sewing mood lately huh? A little birdie that I ran into told me you were sewing some stuff. x-mas gifts? he, he!
    Luv it! The girls will be thrilled to receive this!

  2. l. r. newton Says:

    Please tell me where you got the brown bear animals in your picture? I need them by April 21, 2010 for a class project. I am working on my masters and need to get a set.

    • middleagedmom Says:

      I actually got them from a teacher supplies catalog. I have to check on the name but you may
      be able to search online for them. I’ll try to find out the name of the catalog.

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